Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wobbly Trivial History Wednesday February 4

 Oh, we are such happy little Vegemites in this house.
Well, the tribe are happy coz I've stopped breathing fire and brimstone at them if they so much as mentioned WWW.
And I'm not muttering dark thoughts about cannibalising a computer and inserting a nervous system into its rectum so I could generously share my torture.
No, we've gone beyond that blip in the time,space continuum and  (having finished drooling over James Masters and John Barrowman for the evening) we've got down to tin tacks, rolled up our sleeves and opened a gazillion browser windows.....which didn't have conniptions after 10 mins....and I walked away to make a bajillion cups of find they were where I'd left them when I returned...
Ahhhhhhhh, bliss!

1796 A carpenter, John Baugham, who slapped together mills for the great unwashed masses to use, kept a house of ill repute with his missus and got what for when the NSW Corps put his carpentry skills to the test and pulled it down.

1874 Colonel Mark Bell became the first Aussie-born Victoria Cross recipient.

1899 The Richmond Guardian reported that the Public Works Committee had a knees up and decided that new steel tram plates weren't needed right at that moment so they declined the kind offer of scones, jam, tram plates and cream from James McEwan.

1919 The New Zealand Rifle Brigade, nicknamed The Dinks and created as part of the NZ Expeditionary Force in WW1, was disbanded.

1950 The 4th British Empire Games opened with flair and ferris wheels in Auckland.

1957 Just for Lee - For Bugs Bunny's creator Ben Hardaway it was That's All Folks!

1959 The bean counters got their blood-thirsty teeth into the Koo Wee Rup to Bayles rail line and could almost be heard salivating when it was closed down, saving the debit side a whopping  £4,600.

1975 American woman Lynne Cox made like a fish and swam across the Cook Strait in a little over 12 hours.
Because she could....and her hairdresser had cancelled her appointment so she had an empty dance card to fill....

1985 The strong anti-nuclear policy of The Shaky Isles saw the American warship USS Buchanan told not to darken the Kiwi doorstep.  Instead of sulking in a corner the US cut all military and intelligence communications with NZ and downgraded diplomatic ties (which meant they weren't on the Chrissy card list anymore).

1985 The Waitangi Tribunal were granted the power to hear all grievances that had arisen over the Waitangi Treaty Treaty of Waitangi since 1840.

1993 Oh, ho ho ho (she laughs with a not-so-jolly smirk).
The  Biggest Bunch of Wankers to grace God's Green Earth Vic Govt *cough* actually completed a compromise deal they made with tram workers by kicking the connies to the kerb removing conductors from trams but keeping services that were under the beady eye and chopping block of the bean counters.


  1. "...the US cut all military and intelligence communications with NZ and downgraded diplomatic ties..."

    The lucky sheep sh***ing b**tards.

  2. Two years after the USS Buchanan pillow-fight, the Americans were gathering intelligence as part of ECHELON at Waihopai here in NZ -- and NZ is part of the ECHELON group. So much for taking all the toys away.

    Interesting how you've termed the Treaty of Waitangi the Waitangi Treaty, Jayne. I guess to international eyes, that's what it should be -- but we say Treaty of Waitangi (holding onto the "of" like grim death.) We don't even call Feb 6 "New Zealand Day", it's Waitangi Day, since 1976 (yes, I've been reading your archives ...)

  3. I had always thought that either Chuck Jones or Friz Freleng created Bugs Bunny. Thanks for the info.

  4. Thinking of moving, Brian lol ? :P

    Ahh, ok, thanks for that Lisa, I'll make sure I phrase it correctly ;)

    That wascally wabbit was up to no good, Anja :P

  5. lol - Jayne - you know the guy who ISN'T Tarquin's brother in the story I am telling? He actually became a conductor in 1997 on one of the trams that the drivers insisted have one!

  6. glad you saved everything important phew !
    I am going to back up all my photos tonight my old desktop has been chucking wobblies lately.It is 8-9 yrs old.

    We had a customer from Koo wee rup - what a 'name' ! - where did it come from ?

  7. Is he still on there? Coz I soooo want to start reciting some bad drivel at him now, Jeanie LOL.

    Good idea, Trish!
    Have I got a fishy tale for you !(groan)
    It's been tongue-twisted from the local Aboriginal name for the area "ku-wirup" meaning "a lot of blackfish".

  8. I have no idea, Jayne - part of that "having to leave the city to not cross paths with him again" pact I made with myself included deleting all numbers and holding myself back from tracking him down subsequently. 12 years on the Selwyn wagon here - no idea whether he is still "entertaining" passengers or not.

  9. Selwyn made quite an impression, Jeanie!

  10. Ah yes, Jayne - he didn't become a literary device because he was quiet and meek and easily able to drift by unnoticed!

  11. "Thinking of moving, Brian?"

    Nah...we've got plenty of sh**p sh***ers of our own, thanks.

  12. Literary device, Jeanie?
    Surely that's rectified with a sharp pencil, a ruler and an eraser?

    So you'd feel right at home, then, Brian :P