Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wonky Trivial Wednesday History February 18

 We did chicken last night.
Wellllllllll...I did something with a pre-roasted chook and something vaguely interesting with green vegies, onions and pineapple slices in a frying pan.
No, don't ask, it sounds worse than it actually was.
Oh, and there was pasta and sauce. Crap pasta and sauce but it was improved with the smashed spud and American mustard stirred through.
Again, sounds revolting but worked a treat.
Trust me, really.
But knowing that Kedgie is dying to come over for a meal in this gin joint tribal hell-hole with us (as she mentioned in Twitter), I'll make sure the meal is a little better.
And that the roadkill is actually dead.

It is National Battery Day in USA.
*keeping a straight face here with some difficulty*

1793 The first school in the new colony began thumping learnin' into young heads in an unfinished church building in Sydney with the first teacher being one Mr Stephen Barnes.

1796 One of the Scottish martyrs, Thomas Muir, did a bunk and successfully escaped on an American ship Otter.

1804 The first Russian to become an Aussie resident - before we were known as Aussies - was John Potocki who was given the Grande Tour of Tassie as a transported convict.

1869 A transported Fenian, JB O'Reilly, took his unlawful leave from Fremantle in the American whaling ship Gazelle and sailed off into the sunset for USA.

1930 One of my forebears (as The Tribe would have you believe) Elm Farm Ollie - a cow - was the first bovine to take to the air (not with the greatest of ease) and was the first cow to be milked mid-flight (first contender for the Mile High Club?).

1937 Each primary school student in The Shaky Isles began gulping down half a pint of milk at school each day.

1957 NZ's last hanging took place when Walter Bolton was hanged after being found guilty of murdering his wife.

1962 The railway line from Upper Fern Tree Gully to Belgrave was re-opened after having been shaken but not stirred as it was converted from narrow gauge to broad gauge railway track.

1982 Grand Dame and murder mystery author extraordinaire, Dame Ngaio Marsh left her famous green ink behind her forever at her home in Cashmere.


  1. "Crap pasta and sauce..."

    You'd be better off sticking to the usual ingredients for pasta if you ask me.

  2. Did you kill the chook yourself?

    We have 3 roosters out the chicks just hatched, so I am considering putting them in a cafe to fatten them up.

  3. National battery day + straight face............

    C size or 2 x AA's?


  4. But I followed your field-work recipe, Brian, of standing down wind from a leaky cow...!

    No, supermarket did the slaying for me.
    I think you've put me in the cafe instead, WS, I've fattened up!


  5. I did something with a pre-roasted chook and something vaguely interesting with green vegies, onions and pineapple slices in a frying pan.

    And you didn't offer me any?

  6. You weren't armed with a whip and chair, Reuben :P