Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wot Oz & NZ Got Up To on Feb 12 in History

Volunteers needed to field calls for Melbourne CDB Red Cross Call Centre.
The fires might be almost contained but more bloody hard work is about to begin.

1880 Having used the joint for every event going for the previous 5 years The Powers That Be thought they better open the Sydney Town Hall officially.
So they did.

1909 As some nasty piece of work onboard SS Penguin had tried to shoot Pelorus Jack (the white dolphin who guided ships safely through the Cook Strait) in 1904, he never guided the ferry to safety again and it was wrecked on this day at Cape Terawhiti with the loss of 75 lives.

1930 Spencer Street Bridge was opened with great fan-fare in Melbourne. Apparently.
So I'm told.
According to rumour.
Oh, alright, I really was there and saw it for myself.

1958 From the 12th till the 14th the Queen Mum popped into Christchurch for a cuppa tea and scones.
Crook that pinkie, gals!

1979 This well known ditty was on everyone's lips as No. 1 for 2 weeks....but we're still calling C'Mon, Aussie, C'Mon, C'Mon

1993 NZ was hittin' the high notes with Whitney as they proclaimed I Will Always Love Youuuuuuuuuuuu!


  1. "Oh, alright, I really was there and saw it for myself."

    Whilst on your way to buying a shrubbery, it seems...

  2. Well you've made me smile with all of this. Rotten sods tyring to take out ol' Pelorous Jack probably the same sod that decided to send ovet those rotten marsupial sods I keep bopping off. Our thunderbox is out of order. On another note the locals here in Maungaturoto have started a fund for the victims of the Fires. Just letting you know we care. I'll post it up later today on the farm blog

    Take care and stay safe

  3. ahhhhh now that was karam kicking in on the SS Penguin, proves to me what goes round comes round. Funny how many years ago visits from Royals were a big deal. I am not sure they would get the same response now.

  4. Great shot of you at the bridge opening. Next time try and wear a brighter colour. More flattering.

  5. Whitney makes my ears bleed. *shudder*

  6. Broomsticks are shrubbery, Brian?!

    Sorry to hear about your thunderbox, Liz, that would make for dificult times!
    Thanks for the fund, the victims will no doubt appreciate it.

    That's what I thought, too, Janine.
    Not unless you count the shooting attempt on ol' Charlie a few yrs back here in Oz lol.

    I was thinking "hessian-bag-over-the-head" look, Elizabeth, what do you think?

    Small furry animals in Outer Mongolia have been known to burrow metres into the bedrock to escape her voice, Anja ;)

  7. Jayne,

    It was definitely a shrubbery, because I distinctly remember the shrubber saying 'Ni' to you in a threatening manner.

  8. You could have plucked your eyebrows for your photo shoot Jayne.

  9. Ta, B lol.

    Whilst waving pruning shears over his head, Brian?

    I'd plucked the trolls from my shoulders, Andrew, surely that was enough?!

  10. Aww, Jayne. Thanks for the laugh. I wake up looking like that most days lol.

  11. Sad days indeed. Who would have thought something like this could have ever happened; if only we could wind the clock back. My prayers are with the people affected by this tragedy.

    Take Care,

  12. You, too, LiD?!
    Those beds of stone really aren't as great as everyone says they are ;)

    Yes, Peter, a very sad tragedy.

  13. I don't know about that Jayne. Those warts have a certain charm that shouldn't be hidden away.

  14. Aww, gee, Elizabeth, you're making me blush now lol.

  15. Thanks for letting us know about the Red Cross Call Centre Jayne - just got back from doing my bit to help (actually it was as much for me as it was for them, as it makes me feel better knowing there are more ways in which I can contribute than just hand over cash and belongings)