Saturday, March 21, 2009

Adopt A Country Footy Team

Now, I can hear that there's a few readers out there moaning about how to go about choosing a country footy team to fact some have been groaning about how Aussie Rules "isn't their thing".
Fine, that's fine.
We can work with you because  -we have the technology! 
Plus the kettle just boiled so I'm all set with a fresh cuppa tea.

Grab yourself a map of your state - it would be a bit pointless if you chose an inter-state team as travelling to the weekend matches could be a teeny weeny bit pricey.
Now, with the map of your home state (yes, that's the state in which you live and no, 'perpetually in fear of the missus' doesn't count) and pick an area that's always tickled your fancy, maybe an area you've wanted to explore more of or someplace where you've visited before and have happy memories  of...maybe even a town you passed through but the looks of the place left a mark on your soul.
Now, get your fingers walking online to find out if there's a
footy team
soccer team
netball team
basketball team
swimming team
tennis squad
lawn bowls team
rugby team
ironing board team
cow pat tossing team
crochet duelling squad
cooking/CWA group
historical association
steam train club
or whatever you find thrilling.
You might have to explore surrounding towns if the town you've chosen is either too small to field a team or went broke and amalgamated long ago with another towns team.
Ring the team of your choice.
Go on, they're not going to bite your head off!
Ask questions, how much is single/family/non-playing/playing memberships?
Probably cheaper than a weeks worth of lattes!
When are the social nights?
What is the local accommodation availability like?
What are the public transport services like?
What else does the town offer that you can't find online?
Getting the gen from the horses mouth is worth 10 webpages of incorrect fluff.

Now, remember - this is to support country towns in the looming recession.
Once a footy team - or any service, for that matter - is lost/ removed from a rural community there's 2 chances of getting it back again - bugger all and nothing, even less than Buckley's Chance.
When towns begin to lose sports teams then the next generation looks elsewhere to live, and that is how the life-blood of a country town drains away.
If people have to bank over 30 mins drive away, or shop 100 kms up the road or wait a little longer than a month to see a GP or dentist ...sometimes these things can be tolerated (oh, I know you city slickers wouldn't stand them for a minute but rural communities have had to suck this shyte up for years) so long as there are local attractions/facilities like the local footy/sports teams.
But when there's not even a sports team left at home in the country town, then what makes people stay?

So go find a map, adopt a footy team - or whatever takes your fancy - buy a seasons membership and even have a gander at what merchandise the sports team has to offer.
Get out to explore the town, make a weekend of it, stay over-night, buy local produce, recommend the town to friends and family, spread the word.
Because we cannot afford to lose any more rural communities, as we are all the poorer for their loss.


  1. Sorry Jayne, but I utterly and completely detest sport in all of its many manifestations...even the egg and spoon race.

  2. Sport? You're asking me to support a Sport?? It's SPORT!! I don't "do" sport. Heck I'm not even a good sport.......

    (I can barely support myself)

  3. LOL
    Tsk, tsk, I did suggest cow pat tossing or history clubs to explore, you two, LOL !

  4. I think that is a hugely great call - and really, its not about sport, its about participating in the heartbeat of a small country town.

  5. Exactly, Jeanie, thank you!
    Feel free to spread the idea, I've got no patents or wages fixed on it in any way, it's all about small country towns surviving, not me!