Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Aint no doubt about it, We were doubly Trivial blessed, we were barely 17 history and we were barely dressed March 18...

I'm suddenly puffing up like the Michelin Tyre Man here, so pecking out the letters on the keyboard are just that wee bit more challenging....and I'm not going back to correct any more typing mistakes as it's taken me at least 7 mins to write this one sentence and that's now 8 mins of my life I'm never getting back.
I know you care, I can hear it in your heavy breathing.

1887 Excitement squirrel gripped the public when the Heyfield to Maffra railway line was flung open.
Goodness, Kosky, look at that!
They went and extended the network just a little bit more again....amazing, hey?!

1892 Duck, Kosky, they were at it again!
Extending the rail network, that is, when they opened the Rokeby to Neerim South section of the Noojee Railway line.

1941 New Zealand troops arrived in Greece to reinforce the Allied defences.

1957 Food on the run became popular when Meals on Wheels was introduced in Sydney.

2007 More than 200,000 pairs of feet walked across the poor old used and abused Sydney Harbour Bridge to "celebrate" her 75th birthday.
You sick people!
Do you walk all over your mother as a treat for her on her birthday?!

As you all seem to be enjoying the Remember When... post I'll bump it back up to the top for all and sundry to add extras to it as your grey cells surrender the schoolyard embarrassments to make you turn red all over again....and share it with us.
Go on, you know you really want to....