Friday, March 13, 2009

Australian History... HA!

Hello Blogees! I've hijacked Jayne's Blog and I'm wreaking havoc!
I'm the smartness, sarcastic, frivolous, psychic, psycho, psychedelic, melodramatic, pessimistic, optimistic, hypocritical, Miss SmittenKitteh A.K.A Feral Queen!

I'm here invading your eyeballs with so much WIN you won't know where you last pooped!
There is little to say actually, I was bored and decided that I'd tie Jayne up, cover her in honey and place her over an ant hole to see what would happen... and than I got bored with that too so I stole her blog.

I'm going to tell you about the day I... Uh... yup! Still nothing! I have lost all inspiration... No ideas.


Nope nothing.

I guess you'd call this a huge waste of time... and I'd normally agree... but if you actually think about it, everything to do with the Internet (aside from porn of course) is a huge waste of time... I mean, look at all of wiki! WASTE OF TIE-MAH!!! check out Google lately? WASTE OF TIE-MAH!!! anyone up for the myface or teitter? WASTE OF TIE-MAH!!! what happened to sitting around a telly and rotting our brains there... at least we're doing it with our family? OOOOH! I know what an even bigger waste of time is, have you ever heard of politics? PFFT!I couldn't have thought of an even bigger waste of time than a whole bunch of stuck up suits sitting around and trying to become Australia's Biggest Comedian... or was that Commie? OOPS! did I say that?
Okay, so waste of time is what I'm here to do then I'll at least do it with flair... Did you know that Diarrhea is hereditary? It runs through your Jeans... GET IT!!! WASTE OF TIE-MAH!!!

I will have to say that there are other forms of time wasting that can be less pleasant... Like... I don't know, exercise, maths, chores, 18th century literature, social economics, taxes, homework, dieting, working, cleaning, cooking, lobotomy-ing**. YUP! WASTE OF TIE-MAH!!!

SoooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo anyways...

Jayne's somehow managed to escape the loving bonds of her child's hoodlumism... and is coming back leaving a trail of sticky ants and, for some ungodly reason, penguins, so I should make myself scarce me thinks...

I hope you enjoyed my WASTE OF TIE-MAH!!!

** please note, if you have to lobot someone, they're already too stupid to cure.


  1. I think I'm suffering flashbacks to my teenage years here...

  2. You're right--I've got a stack of unopened DVD's that go back to 2007, and I've abandoned them for the Internet! I do miss the days when I had only a word-processor! Progress is regress, but only in a negative way!

  3. Porn, you say? Mummy's blog shall get some weird searchers again.

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  5. I think you should tie your mother up and guest blog more often ;) We could use more porn around here lol