Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back in a March flash I started Trivial on a 12 dash of History Jamaican rum

Just had the most awesome hot flush to red I was glowing in the dark,or so The Spouse oh-so-romantically whispered in my shell-like ear.

1864 Arthur's Pass was just lying around, doin' its own thing when some bloke, called Arthur Dobson strangely enough, stumbled over it.

The Spouse is seriously considering using me as an alternative energy source.
I told him where he could stick his plug.
The I thought about it after he bribed me with peppermint Freddos.
I'm easy like that.

1868 Stuff happened.
Some bloke shot Prince Alfred in Clontarf near Sydney.
Aim was off, Prince Alfred kept breathing.

It's a shell-like ear because if you listen carefully you can hear whale song emanating from it.
I'm available for kids parties, hens' nights and to quell riotous packs of canines.

2006 Aborigines from around Oz lit a Sacred Flame in the Kings Domain Gardens in Melbourne 3 days before the start of the Commonwealth Games.

In the past 5 years I've given up drinking, given up smoking, given up dairy and now I'm giving up ovulating.
If anyone dares suggests I give up chocolate they'll witness a demonic possession.

2008 Adelaide was cooking a national record heatwave with more than 10 days sizzling at 35 degrees and over.
I know how they felt.

This is your brain.

This is your brain on Menopause.

This is what the world is like on Menopause. 
 You have been warned.
Don't do Menopause, kids!


  1. "In the past 5 years I've given up drinking, given up smoking..."

    Same here. In fact, I've given 'em up at least three times this week already.

  2. How are you handling the hot flushes, Brian ? :P

  3. Peppermint frogs are a known cure for just about everything. Love the green frog brain, a bit worried about the substance in the next photo lol.

  4. On Rafters the other night, Julie bemoaned "I am too young for menopause" and we (because it was discussed by a few female friends) all called bullshit on her.

    Are you sure it was a flush, and not what The Spouse had whispered before that?

  5. All those things you given up Jayne? Is life still worth living?

  6. Hot flushes without drinking? Egads, woman... you've found hell.

  7. LOL.

    What's with the Mentals references this week?

    Not complaining, mind ;-)

  8. I saw that, too, Jeanie,and said something similar LOL.
    Nah, most exciting thing The Spouse has whispered lately was "Move your arm I'm going for a Tosca," ;)

    So long as I have my chocolate, Andrew, I'll find some fun.
    And ginger.
    And roast dinners.
    And gravy. Lots of gravy.

    Yes, but I don't need central heating for Winter, Anja :P

    Loving me some Mentals LOUD on YouTube, drowns out the Tribe demanding annoying things like food and clean clothing ;)

  9. see peppermint chocolate seems like a crime and I never knew they made that flavour in freddos. so something else I have to look forward too (hot flushes)

  10. LOL I'll leave room on the Hot Seat for you, Janine ;)

  11. Jayne,

    I can handle the hot flushes...they're worth it for a damned good cheese and onion pie.

  12. is code for men but they never realise it...Men-pause- and think before you open your mouth.

    I love Peppermint freddos. Almost as much as I like Strawberry freddos.

    I have PMS occasionally, Pre Meditated Slaughter. I am dreading the menopause.

  13. Chocolate heats the blood, it's a scientific fact that I read somewhere once. I've discovered that by eating less chocolate the intensity of my hot flushes is greatly reduced. Sad but true. Saves me from throwing off several layers of clothing only to put them back on again in 5 minutes, then 15-20 minutes later repeating the whole process. On again-off again, for hours at a time. I found it much easier to eat less chocolate.