Friday, March 6, 2009

The Blog Roll...not the bog roll...seriously get your ears cleaned out!

If you haven't been perusing my blog roll ( although I know my pet stalkers haven't let me down! Hi girls!! MWAH) over to the right there you may have missed several additions to it, including the RHSV Blog.
That's The Royal Historical Society of Victoria to you and I.
Anyway, apart from some interesting updates on dead people and old stuff - coz that's what they specialise in, - they have a job vacancy from the History Council of Victoria advertised.

There's A Real New Zealand Town - because all the others are cardboard cut-out fakes, apparently - edited by Liz of Goings On at The Mad Bush Farm fame and Back Roads history blog fame.

Ararat Daily Photo and FreeFalling have been joined in FreeFalling's stable of thoroughbred blogs by Coming Up Roses, where we get to enjoy her gorgeous garden delights.


  1. waves to Jayne. Hey loving all these tips you have been rolling out. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the basics as silly as it sounds. Thanks for some new links to check out too.

  2. "Coming Up Roses, where we get to enjoy her gorgeous garden delights."

    I felt compelled to click on that link and was thoroughly disappointed when I discovered that no euphermisms were involved.

  3. Hey!
    That's me!
    Sorry Brian Hughes - I shall endeavor to post more photos of my euphemistic garden delights - although I'm not really sure what they are.

  4. *waves back to Janine*
    Thanks and you're very welcome ;)

    Sadly, the computer said noooooooooo, Brian.

    Them thar floral things what you got stuck around your yard, FF lol ;)