Monday, March 9, 2009

Bye, Bye American Trivial Pie No Not the Madonna Version History Monday March 9

Oh, look.
It's a public holiday here in Melbourne.
How lovely.

1074 Pope Gregory VII made a right balls up of everything by excommunicating married priests to make sure they were all celibate.
And that's where the trouble started....
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1857 Hobart was ever-so-gently lit by gas light.

So what exciting things have you got planned to eradicate from your future to make ends meet?
How about re-soling your shoes instead of piffing them into the rubbish and re-styling your clothes instead of buying a whole new wardrobe for next season.

1880 The first team-powered trams puffed their way from Cathedral Square to Christchurch Railway Station.

Rub-a-dub-dub, thanks for the grub. Amen.

1909 The electric tram service began scooting around Adelaide.

Grandma Mehitabel's menu-
Frugal Lamb Shank dinner.(These are currently averaging $1 - $1.50 each at butchers around here).
Rule of thumb is to allow 1 lamb shank per person, and buy the lamb shanks from a butcher who doesn't chop half the goodness off the end in fancy schmancy nonsense.
Braise the shanks in a frying pan with a generous dollop of oil.
Turn and keep braising till all of the shanks are seared all over, then toss into a heavy casserole pot.
Using about 1 cup of water poured into the frying pan, keep the pan on the heat to lift the yummy bits stuck to the bottom of the pan then throw in with the shanks.
Fling in chopped vegies of choice, chopped onion and garlic.
In a bowl mix tomato paste, stock cubes, 4 cups of hot water and seasoning of choice, then pour over vegies and shanks in casserole and bake, covered, in moderate oven for 2 - 3 hours.
Serve on a bed of boiled rice, spoon the liquid over the shanks and vegies on each plate and dollop a spoonful of sour cream on top.

1955 The Powers That Be won again through general apathy and ceased the Hamilton to Balmoral train passenger service.

Aussie Street Spotlight-
Melbourne's Collins Street is exactly 1 mile long and a generous 99 feet wide, was named after Lt-Gov David Collins who tried to start a settlement at Sullivan Bay in Victoria but failed so he trotted off to Tassie instead.
The medical professions have flocked to it's address since the Port Phillip colony began, one of the founding fathers of Melbourne, John Batman, lived up one end and numerous prestigious buildings and mansions graced its streetscape.
Although many magnificent buildings were demolished in the 1950's and 1960's a great many more remain peering over the insignificant pedestrian passing by.
Like Auckland and Brisbane's Queen St, Collins St lends it's name to Collins St Farmers in a rude reference to rural investors and is one of the few streets that will continue to grow when it is extended with Docklands redevelopment.

1995 Oh look, even more apathy saw another railway line shut for good with the closure of the Maffra to Stratford Junction track.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
With the lack of rain in recent months (in south east Oz at any rate) one might find it the best time to clean out spouting, check seals and joins and book a plumber in to give the roof a once over if there's any question of it leaking or needing maintenence.
Spending a few dollars getting it checked now could save you a packet down the track if anything happens.


  1. "The first team-powered trams puffed their way from Cathedral Square..."

    I probably shouldn't ask this, but what's a team-powered tram?

  2. I can remember trains, only goods I think, running to Maffra.

  3. Took me a minute to find the blogroll. Not enough coffee ingested yet. I had similar issues with the bog roll earlier today. :D

  4. Hey did you see what is on special at ALDI?

    A spare for the feral beast?

  5. Ah yes - it would make sense to check the roof and guttering before weather hits. May not be so frugal right now where I am.

    I love lamb shanks.

  6. that pope has a lot to answer for.........

  7. That's where all the passengers form a team to push/pull their tram, Brian, resulting in a lot of puffing :P

    I swear their agenda is to rid the countryside of humans and keep 'em down in the suburbs, Andrew.

    LOL Marita!

    That link isn't working, Marita, what is it? You've got me curious now lol.

    Yep, Jeanie, maybe be a case of the horse has bolted, don't bother with the stable door in your neck of the woods,lol.

    Aye, B, I just hope they haven't run out of wood for his fire yet! ;)

  8. Metal detectors at ALDI starting from Thursday. :)

  9. I love lamb shanks and they go for a fortune in winter in NZ. That recipe looks mighty fine.

  10. Lamb shanks taste great
    (oh the poor lambs)
    and if you keep the knuckle bones you can play JACKS with them.

    and Brian darling, any fule kno Jayne merely left the S off STEAM trains! work with us here willya?

  11. Bwca hopes that Bri won't be checking back here, because maybe it was horseTeam Trams.

  12. That lamb shanks dinner sounds yummy. I'll definitely be making that when the weather cools down. I love casseroled vegetables.

  13. LOL Marita, showed The Spouse who shall pop along to grab one for his own lol, thank you!

    They try to price them into the stratosphere here, too, Janine.

    Absolutely, Bwca, Feral Beast found bajillions of them when he excavated the back yard and I had to explain what they were lol.

    LOL, FG Marshall-Stacks, horse teams, rugby teams, embroidery teams...;)

    Thanks, River, it's very more-ish and perfect for cooler weather ;)