Sunday, March 15, 2009

Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right....

Came across this article HERE which lead me to this article HERE and was horrified to read the proposal.
To tear down an historic building like the Beechworth Gaol for houses.
Because, according to this Jones chap,
 "Old Melbourne Jail (sic), where Kelly was hanged, is a popular museum and should be enough for one state,"
Ahhh, yes, one museum should do the whole state of Victoria.
Shall we next expect his suggestion that Melbourne Museum, City Museum, Science Works and Immigration Museum be demolished to make way for more housing, the rare artifacts, education, learning and heritage be damned?

And this suggestion,
"Sixty years ago the NSW Govt demolished the old Albury Jail in Thurgoona Street and transferred some of the land to the housing commission, which recycled the old bricks into flats,"
 Oh, goody! Because a govt body destroyed something more than half a century ago it must be ok for us to ignore everything we have learnt contrary to this action and blindly follow forthwith, even contributing historic convict chiseled bricks to hideous, outdated and dangerous public housing that have been superceeded and will, no doubt, face the wreckers ball within our living memory.

"Port Arthur is there for anyone who wants to wants to witness how horrifying the British-run convict system was,"
 Yes, it was quite dreadful but surely we can learn about it in our own state without the need to eradicate all traces of it from existence thus forcing families, students and teachers to travel interstate to explore something that was quite common throughout the country.
Or are you, Mr Jones, simply trying to re-white re-write a history you're personally ashamed of?
Because as you know those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat the same mistakes.


  1. Wonder if he has ever been to the housing estate at Pentridge. It is hideous. We used to live on Elizabeth St in Coburg and it made me sad driving past that place and watching it be destroyed.

  2. Some people are idiots.

    and this fella sounds like their leader

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  4. NOooooo - I've never seen Beechworth gaol, but I've read LOTS about it.
    They've torn down Boggo Rd in Brisbane and are building a "eco-sciences precinct" on the site - actually a good place and a good idea but they've torn down a remarkable old building to do it.
    (My old colleagues are moving to Boggo Rd site - lots of jokes about work being like a prison!)

  5. Looks like your museums are now just history. (It's way too early in the morning here to come up with anything clever.)

  6. Here I am, stuck in the middle again....

  7. 15/03 by my reckoning Jayne. Not 01/04. You peaked a couple of weeks early.

  8. Have seen it briefly, Marita, looks awful.

    Ahuh, B.

    I hope it's safe, Robert.

    I used to pass it often, Amanda, many moons ago and it would be a shame to lose such a lovely building.

    Coffee, Brian, thick enough to stand a spoon in.

    Tambourine for you, River ;)

    I wish, Andrew!

  9. The only point he made which I think needs pursuing is the fact that it is sitting empty doing nowt (from the way he has written it) and therefore upkeep is throwing empty money into a pit.

    Now, I don't agree with his sentiments one bit, but we do need to stop and pay proper homage to some things before they do get some Dean Brothers clowns take away what is valuable.

  10. I grew up in a town very close to Beechworth. I understand that they can demolish the open grounds section of the prison to use as the historical significance is not there. The main gaol cells and front area of the place should be kept due to the heritage value and the proximity to other sites such as the court house.

    I used to play in a football comp where guys from the prison got day release to play against us.. now that was a tough game of footy.

  11. So long as the most important parts are kept, Jeanie, not just demolished and donated to be recycled into housing commission flats.

    Gawd, that would have been a bloody rough game, DB LOL.
    Yep, so long as the notable parts are kept intact for future generations to appreciate.

  12. Is it April 1st? Bloody Hell! What a twit! I wonder who is he trying to help out with such an unbalanced, childish article. The paper actually pays this man to write such drivel?

    It is sickening. Beechworth is a highly in tact, historic town. The Magistrates Court and buildings are precious, in tact historic buildings. In fact visiting the Magistrates Court offers an incredible, empirical insight into the Kelly story and the stories of so many of the other legal cases that have passed through the district.

    These buildings are the real thing, not a re-constructed exhibit. Maybe this journalist would prefer to set up a flimsy
    re-construction on the lawn in front of the ugly concrete/re-used brick shells he is fantasizing about. Twit.

    What an idea that one gaol fits all! He obviously thinks that the rest of us are short-sighted and stupid enough to believe his sales pitch. Sell used cars instead mate!

    I suppose he thinks we are still silly enough to think that gaols were only full of 'bad' people and their stories aren't as worthy as the minutes from the Town Hall. Well wake up, Mr. journalist, those two types of buildings will be forever linked by many a dubious character and the fabric of history.

    Love (cringe) his comment about Pentridge. The National Trust have just deemed what they are doing there to be "one of the worst heritage compromises in Victoria".