Saturday, March 7, 2009

Don't make me get medieval on your arse...!

Click on image for larger pic. 
Yes, this is me as a superhero (stop choking in the back there, these bat wings come with super hearing, too, ya know!)
You can blame Mistress B for this jocularity.
And you can just toddle off to The Hero Factory to make yourself into whatever freaked-out flower child kinda weirdo who flashes underwear to the innocent public whilst saving rugrats from the yawning maws of Deadly Homework.....or something something.


  1. I've been here for some time trying to catch up on all your posts...YOIKS!!
    Life has been mad, but I have some time this morning to do the I said, I've been here some time...but I'm only doing one comment, cos everyone else has been posting madly too!!
    I did this Super Hero thing too, and wasn't it just a hoot???
    LMAO...I had a ball..don't know why for you, but for me the wings were an absolute MUST HAVE!! I find it hard to imagine a SUper Hero without wings for some reason..
    My apologies for my absence, but I'm hoping I can get back into it from here on in...

  2. Can you imagine the Coven as Superheroes? lol.

  3. The coven as superheroes *blinks*

    That's one scary thought.

  4. LOL
    I'll reserve a stool just for you, Mo ;)

    We already are Superheroes, WS :P

    Scary in a good way, Anja ;)

    Yeah, I've been meaning to mention you wearing your jocks on the outside of your Winter tights, Brian....

  5. Love it. Purple Undies are made to be worn on the outside.

  6. love it......i had to take a look and created one lol and damn I look fine lol. Thanks for sharing.