Friday, March 20, 2009

Drop Kick me Jesus Through the Trivial Goal Posts of History Life March 20

Feral Beast submitted his first assignment to the Uni, cover sheet included, which he kindly asked his brain-farted-into-meltdown mother to fill in for him (actually I think assembling a nuclear windmill would be a walk in the park after dragging 750 words out of the fruit of my loins and throwing them at a page).
So, getting back on subject, Feral Beast slept in till nearly 11am , did his usual schoolwork then The Spouse took him out to a lecture on What Killed off The Megafauna? with some seriously serious archaeology and anthropology University types in which Feral Beast pinned the (world famous paleontologist bloke who found that Aussie fish was the first critter to get funky and have sex) lecturer down with some insightful, leading and tough questions (but he was invited to attend the further lectures throughout the year with all the Big Boys so he didn't piss anyone off).

1834 New Zealand's first flag was picked by the 25 chiefs voting on the design they preferred.
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Now, obviously in our adoption of the Poowong Magpies footy team some of you out there will have to pop down to Poowong to eyeball the team and judge how fit they are and if they warrant a few little bets on the side they're going to bring home the cup.

1866 The first Cobb & Co. coaches galloped off into the sunset to the West Coast.
The transport vehicles...not the eateries you all mention *pokes tongue out*
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In fact, some of you could pop down during any weekend before the big kick off on April 4 to sample the wares of the local stores, the entertainment, the history groups, the food, the clean fresh air to cauterise your sinuses....
It's only 90 mins by car, virtually on your doorstep!

1873 Longwood to Violet Town railway line was opened.
Pretty little line, it might surprise some in State Govt to learn it actually did carry trains that transported people, odd though it may seem.

Classical music on offer at Poowong, don't say you can only get your Bach and Beethoven bites in the Big Smoke!

1878 The Queen Victoria Market was opened for business in Melbourne...right on top of approx. 10,000 buried bodies who are still inhabiting Melbourne's 2nd cemetery.
Poltergeist the movie, anyone?

Not only did Poowong have a large Danish farming settlement, but it still boasts alpacas, kennels (See? you can bring the mother-in-law) and a music farm.
No, if I told you what a music farm was I'd then have to keep you in my dirty sock drawer to maintain your silence....

1916 The ANZACs landed in France.

Don't forget the big day is April 4th when our newly adopted team begin to impress us with their KPI average!

1976 A general election was held in Victoria - close enough to record as poltergeist activity with political careers rising from the dead...

You may remember our club for being on the wrong end of a probe into missing water and a rather lush, green footy oval a little while back.
Don't hold that - or this ballad - against them!

1983 Chas, Di and Wee Willy popped in for a cuppa and some scones.

Things get lively in pranks of blowing up local halls during dances....more explosions....bigamy....

1989 The Lil Aussie Weeper, PM Bob Hawke, blubbered on national TV while admitting to doing the dirty on his wonderful wife, Hazel.


  1. "...seriously serious archaeology and anthropology University types..."

    I've heard about these creatures, but seldom met any. Most of the archaeology and anthropology University types I've ever met only get serious when somebody from the government's lurking round their office.

  2. They don't play the "you show me your degree and I'll show you my thesis" game, Brian? :P

  3. Dear Jayne, this is a terrific impressive blog, with many wonderful links, and I wish I could comment succinctly, but I have the retention capability of a canary

    Hawke blubbed on TV over that druggie daughter too didn't he?
    His $250K interview payment for the 60 Minutes of Bathrobes With Blanche session, was given to buying the dtr a house in QLD I think. and his friend Abeles gave her a job too.
    I wonder if she's 'clean' yet?
    "reduced life expectancy" indeed.

  4. OH!
    Don't remind me of the Bathrobes with Blanche bulltish!
    Nope, damn it's burned into the forefront of my mind again *shudder*
    You're doing pretty damn good for a canary, lol, do you take requests?

  5. Bugger, the offspring didn't sign out of his account *sigh* another one for Screw Up Tuesday for the Mistress!

  6. I was about to compliment the offspring for the word 'bulltish' it's nearly as appealing as Poowong, which sounds like an affliction one would acquire from a dodgy vindaloo.

  7. 1983-Chas, Di and Wee Willy...I remember that quite well. My first hubby was in the Army and we were living quite near the base so were able to be present when Chas did his walk along the lines inspecting the troops. As we were leaving we had to wait while a black official car drove out of the base, it was Chas in the back seat and he waved to the kids as they waved at him. Nice.

  8. I imagine there's plenty of bulltish at Poowong, Anja, given the dairy farms around that way lol.

    What a lovely memory to have, River, hope the kids appreciate it :)