Thursday, March 12, 2009

FamilySearch Down Under

All us genealogy freaks can get our groove on as FamilySearch - that ever lovely research site that will rattle your family skeletons for FREE - has announced it is finally getting around to indexing the Hatched, Matched and Dispatched of Oz.
For more details click HERE.


  1. Thanks for that Jayne, shall give it a squiz!

  2. I already have my family tree, going back to 1834 on my mother's side, not so far on my dad's side. Mum put it together over many years, on the clean white side of many different bits of paper cut to foolscap size. she has birth, marriage, death notices and photos, right up to my children. I added my grandchildren, then made four copies and gave my kids their own copy each last christmas. They can continue to add as their own families grow.

  3. No probs, B ;)

    That's a great idea, River :)

  4. Well darn. I though you were going to do it for me.