Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Finnegan's Wake Trivial Rattlin' Bog History Whiskey in the March Jar 17

Oh, look it's St Paddy's Day!
I'm sure The Spouse's Irish convict ancestor is hanging over his shoulder begging him to bend his elbow in the name of the great saint.
She was a real devil who gave curry to every form of authority any chance she got - gambling, brewing sly grog, trading in horses, even marrying without permission, Catherine Murphy was a right handful.
Transported for 7 years for forging bank notes (like to know how a completely illiterate wisp of a girl managed that) she ended up serving a few years extra for all the cheek and mischief she got up to down in Van Diemen's Land.
She probably invented the saying "Fark you and the horse you rose in on," *big grins*

It is also Submarine Day to remember the bloke who showed off a sunken boat invention, John Holland, on this day in 1898.

Today is the traditional Aussie day to plant your Sweet Pea flowers.
No, I have no flippin' idea who thought that one up and, yes, it IS carved in stone.
See? Even Don Burke says so, so I must be correct, yet again!

1845 I dub thee Rubber Band Day!
Go forth and flick rubber bands at rubbish bins to celebrate the day when smarty pants Stephen Bobstein (reminds me of the Blackadder episode with "Bob" the girl...Bob -stein!) anyway BOB-stein patented the rubber band in Oz.

1853 The last (?) major robbery on St Kilda road took place today when a gold buyer managed to get away from a gang of robbers (bushrangers in training perhaps, especially as they ended up facing Sir Redmond Barry !).

1857 A spring loaded cart hauled by bullocks became the very first vehicle to cross the Port Hills.

1860 The first Taranaki War exploded when British troops attacked a Pa belonging to Te Ati Awa chief Te Rangitake.

1864 Arthur Dudley Dobson crossed...what else?!...Arthur's Pass.

1891 The good ship SS Alice was the first mechanically powered raft/boat/ship/vessal to putt-putt through the Ohau Channel and out to potter about on Lake Rotoiti.

1908 A.W Canning had an empty diary so off he wandered out into the wilderness and created the Canning Stock Route by stocking a track with 52 wells between Halls Creek and Wiluna, Westralia.

1910 Fred Custance flew a plane in South Oz for 5 mins and 25 seconds, beating show-man Harry Houdini by a whole day with his attempt to be the first to fly a powered aircraft in Australia.
Ner, ner, ner , ner , ner.

2006 Raoul Island was evacuated when it spewed volcanic eruptions of 200 tonnes of sulphar dioxide into the air, with 1 death.


  1. "Transported for 7 years for forging bank notes (like to know how a completely illiterate wisp of a girl managed that)..."

    The queen's been doing it for years, so it makes sense to me.

  2. It's compulsory to get smashed today, isn't it? Tell me it's so. I don't want leprechauns kneecappin' me.

  3. lol - as someone who has quite Orange ancestors (I found pamphlets for Freemen in the old family bible) I always get a giggle on St Pats.

    My grandmother was incredibly anti-Irish (I think her MIL had a fair bit to do with that, although her excuse was them pushing the Picts out a few centuries before) and always said her family came from "outside Glasgow".

    When her very Irish Catholic son-in-law discovered a branch in America that traced itself back to Londonderry, she retorted "well, I said it was outside Glasgow."

  4. LOL I'll pay that, Brian ;)

    Yes, yes it is indeed an unofficial law to drink ones weight in anything (or anyone) that takes your fancy, Anja.

    LOL Jeanie, oh that's priceless :)

  5. Happy Saint Paddys Day, I wore a green top to work and had peas in my dinner does that count has celebrating the day lol

  6. LOL Janine, that's just about right ;)