Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ghost in the machine...Haunted Hot Spots

Thanks for the reminder, Hot Andrewtwisted

For those wishing to get back to nature, those wanting to explore our collective past or possibly those just wanting to hang with the dead, go check out The Haunted Bookshop and check out the map of Victoria with some of the haunted places you can go haunt yourself.

If you can't shake those chains then how about enjoying the haunts from your armchair with the Haunted Australia TV series on DVD?

Wanting to wander down a damp laneway in the hopes of bumping into what makes things go bump in the night?
How about The Haunted Melbourne Ghost Tour?

And contrary to some frothing-at-the-mouth-nutters, you really won't go to Hell by simply reading through the list of goodies available in the store.
But if you keep doing the other you might go blind and grow hair on the palms of your hands....!!!


  1. I wouldn't recommend visiting any place where you might bump into Derek Acorah.

  2. I understand that Hearns Oak was supposed to be haunted because underground coal moved,which spooked cattle and they would run in panic. And don't you start with the hawt.