Friday, March 20, 2009

Hold on, By Feral Queen.

She holds on even though her head says she's not worth it,
She holds on like there's no tomorrow as there wont be if she lets go,
She holds what is dearest to her so tightly that dearest wants to run away.
She holds on to self hatred for what she's done and said.
She holds on like there's no tomorrow, because tomorrow wont be there,
Tomorrow will never come if she continues the way she is.
Tomorrow comes and tomorrow never will, she holds on to her self control.
She grasps at the last little bits of self esteem and holds on with all she is.
She holds on a second and looks at life as it is.
She holds on and takes a breath.
She holds on and looks in the mirror.
She holds on to her intelligence, as she always had,
She holds on to her sense of humor, as always, she always had.
She holds on to her spinal cord and shoves it back in to her back.
She holds on to her self esteem and finally takes a look,
She holds her breath and weeps a bit as she holds on to self respect.

1 comment:

  1. How is it this "child" can express such things so beautifully?
    We people who are unable, need those that are able, to form our feelings into words.