Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm Late, I'm Trivial Late For A Very Important History Date March 26

Yes, yes, I'm late today, life seemed to jump up in my face and squeal "BOO" yesterday and last night.
Don't you shudder when Life squeals like that?
Ranks up there with children screaming for no reason other than trying to signal the Mothership in the Milky Way to come rescue them from droningly dull school work or washing the dishes or walking the dog....

1694 The Bank of England was incorporated.
Is that animal still alive or was it entered onto the extinct species list with the other money grubbers?
The proverbial brick wall.
And nary a mark to show the millions of heads that have been knocked against it over the decades.

1856 The first inter-colonial cricket match was hosted at the MCG between NSW (Cockroaches) and Victoria (Gum Suckers) over two days with the Cockroaches winning by 3 wickets.
No, they are state nicknames, like Banana Benders for Qlders, not the team mascots!

You may potter about amidst the various state nicknames and state floral arrangements HERE.

1857 Poor old Inspector-General John Price was not having a very spiffing day when the convicts from the prison hulk Success belted and battered him at Point Gellibrand, near Williamstown, to the point that he died the following day.
He may not have been lamented by many.

The abstruse love letters of a train driver to The Fat Controller.

1891 NZ's first agricultural conference was held on this day in City.

Just hum amongst yourselves for 5 mins.

1896 In NZ's Grey Valley at 9am there was an explosion from the Brunner Mine, with the loss of 65 lives.
Click HERE for more details and a photo of the rescue.

Things are getting ugly at Queenscliff with the Queenscliff Harbour redevelopment getting nasty...with warnings HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

1909 Chap who performed with gay abandon upon stage and screen, Chips Rafferty, was pupped.

When Mavis heard the price of new shingles she went eco-friendly and cheap with pigeons...

1936 The first Kiwi Parliamentary debate was broadcast on NZ radio.

Do any of you Know The Way To San Jose?
1947 The Banana Benders got all classical when the Queensland Symphony Orchestra made its debut performance.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Easy egg-free fruit cake.
Soak 1 cup of bran in 1 cup of milk then add 1 cup S/R flour (gluten free if required) sugar to taste (honey may be substituted), 1 cup of mixed fruit and stir like buggery till a smooth batter with lumpy bits of dried fruit is the result.
Pour into a cake or loaf tin, throw into moderate oven for 45 mins - 1 hour (depending on how slow the slaves are at restocking the wood in the stove) then let cool before turning out of tin and nomming the whole lot in one sitting.

2001 Obviously holding a grudge at being separated at birth for so long, the Cockroach (NSW) and Gum Sucker (Vic) State Cabinets held a joint meeting in Albury to not only observe the 150th anniversary of Victoria being cleft from the loving bosom of NSW but to weld the Albury and Wodonga Councils together.
Is it wrong to lust after tuck pointing?

2005 We were finally blessed with the Second Coming of He Who Should Never Have Left Us when Doctor Who returned to its rightful place on our TV screens (British TV on this date) and we could all hide behind the couch or be glued with sheer delight at the new decor of the TARDIS.

Just out of curiosity Wiki says "This article is about the television series. For other uses, see Doctor Who (disambiguation)"
What other uses could one have for Doctor Who?
Now that he's played by a teen-baby Matt Something person?

2006 The Kiwis returned back over The Ditch from the Melb Commonwealth Games with a haul of 31 medals which put them in 9th place.


  1. Yep, surprisingly, the Bank of England's still there. Website.

  2. "1891 NZ's first agricultural conference was held on this day in City."

    The Christchurch Library (if that's the "City" they mean) are really going to need to overhaul that database. No sign of the conference in the Christchurch Star newspaper of the time.

  3. Oh that is the easiest fruit cake I have ever seen - something new to have my darling avoid!!

  4. Ahh, ta for that, Lisa.
    Yep, I tried Googling that conference but didn't come up with anything, was umming and ahhing about including it at all.

    LOL Jeanie!
    It is very easy, can be made gluten-free and dairy-free if needs be.
    In fact you could make it fruit-free, too, and substitute fruit with coconut and crushed nuts ;)

  5. I find myself intimately aquainted with that brick wall.............

  6. Yep, it's a familiar one to me, too, B !

    Of course you did, Trish LOL!

  7. "We were finally blessed with the Second Coming of He Who Should Never Have Left Us..."

    Speaking of which, they've just made the final three episodes of Red Dwarf which are going to be aired this Easter. At least I'm hoping they're the final three, otherwise it'll be Arnold Zimmer and crew at this rate.

  8. Please tell me that I can dump a bottle of OP in that fruitcake? I can't nom a fruitcake without feeling a little tipsy afterwards.

  9. Bobby Llewellyn has been giving out shed-loads of updates of the filming on Twitter, Brian (see? another good reason to waste time on Twitter LOL )
    Can't wait to see it!!!
    11 years!

    Dump as many bottles as you like, Anja, the cake will thank you for it in the morning ;)