Saturday, March 21, 2009

Incy Wincy Trivial Spider Climbed Up the History Spout, Down Came The March 21 Rain and Washed Poor Incy out...

There you go, as promised, the orb weaver that has apparently claimed ownership of my decking.

1802 Matthew Flinders was a busy chap, trotting off and finding all sorts of things on his explorative travels, like today's Show and Tell subject Kangaroo Island.
Yes, we have so many of the hoppity critters we had to name a whole lump of dirt after 'em.

Just had a lovely chat with a friendly lady connected to the Poowong Footy Club - remember, the team we're adopting this season? - and I've got the goss for you all.
Remember - if we all adopt a country footy club and take out even 1 membership it will help small country clubs in this economic depression recession.
And let's call a spade a fecking shovel here, boys and girls - once the footy team folds it's like a set of dominoes and towns disappear.
Don't let that happen to our fabulous country towns!!!

1864 The very first hansom cab turned up in New Zealand with its driver asking for directions as his Sat-Nav was on the blink (broken).
For a handsome photo of a hansom, click HERE.

I'll be getting some photos to entice you all into day-tripping - or possibly making a weekend of it - down to Poowong (only 90 mins from Melbourne) where the air is fresh, the swimming pool is heated, the squash courts are ready to host your action and the farm produce store is waiting to set your taste buds tingling.
So, what are you waiting for?!

1931 The aircraft Southern Cloud disappeared during a flight from Sydney to Melbourne, with the wreckage not found until 1958.

But while we're waiting for those photos from the Poowong Footy Club  let's have anotheree of that 8 legged freak The Spouse has taken to calling "Our Pet".
Dunno what this "our" rubbish is but I'll donate her to Lynne Kelly's Spider Bloggers if she keeps taking over my backyard!
2003 Race Relations Day was formally celebrated for the first time with the theme "Hands up for Kiwis of every race and place".
The theme for 2009 is "People in your neighbourhood".

Now, remember I told you the first kick off for the Poowong Footy Club was April 4?
Well, they're having a practice match today against Yarragon.
So, it's a lovely day, it's the weekend, the footy team  is having a warm up match for the season....
It's only 90 mins from Melbourne....
What are you waiting for...?

2233 Captain James Tiberius Kirk will be pupped in Riverside, Iowa...and if you need to ask "Who is James Tiberius Kirk?" then you really aren't from this planet.

The last time the Poowong Footy Club won the Premiership was in 2004 when Kevin Sheedy's nephew, Adam Sheedy was coaching them.
Guess who's back coaching them again this season....?
Now, anyone going to pop down to Poowong and check out the stamina, fitness and wonderful merchandise of the Poowong Footy Club?


  1. I was really really brave. I opened the photo so I could have a really good look.

    Have you named it yet? Horror seems rather appropriate.

  2. I love the "adopt a country football club" idea. It's so true that they're the heart of a country community. We have several struggling in our area and threatening to shut down which we're fighting against because they're so crucial to the lifeblood of the communities they're in.

  3. More Poowong! Yay!!!! We can't have enough Poowong!

    The Spider is beautiful, very beautiful.

  4. I agree with Anja...beautiful spider.

    Although I probably prefer it on my computer screen or behind glass.

    I wouldn't want it over my head. I'm always scared they're going to drop down on me.

  5. LOL
    You ARE a brave gal, Elizabeth!
    Hubby seems to think"Our Pet" is suitable but I'm with you ;)

    Thanks, Lightening, I think we should start pushing it before the recession starts to bite too hard.

    There's the eternal question, Anja - Can one ever have enough Poowong? lol

    Yes, she's a distance and when I can edge around her ginormous web with about 50 feet to spare, Dina lol.

  6. She has already put the eggs away safely and the offspring will be back in the same possie next year and the next.