Thursday, March 26, 2009

I've got a lovely trivial bunch of history coconuts, see them all March standing in a 27 row...

Feral Beast went off to a lecture/discussion on crystals at the gem club tonight, dragging The Spouse along to cope with public transport at night, of course, and had such a good chat he's been asked to bring his fossils along next month and give a brief talk on them.
No, he is NOT dragging me along, thank you very much!!!
6 marines were executed for nicking food from the Govt food stores.
Hope their snacks were worth it!

Exciting stuffs on brumbies (Aussie wild horses) from The Australian Brumby Research Unit located at the University of Queensland HERE.

1837 The Crow Eaters were a bunch of happy campers when they indulged in the first land sales of Adelaide.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu meets Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints- Thinking Laterally With Recipes ( aka Making Do).
Mix 2 cups of preferred brekkie cereal ( not sugary muck but something with flakes, oats, fruit, etc) with 2 cups of plain flour, 2 teaspoons of baking powder, 1.5 cups of milk, extra fruit if preferred and mix like buggery.
No sugar or sweetener is needed as most cereals are already sweet. Bake in greased cake tin in moderate oven for 30-40 mins, let cool then slice and serve.

1848 The Canterbury Association had a bit of a chinwag and decided on the name of Christchurch for the town they planned to slap together on the pile of dirt they bought from the New Zealand Comapny.

The Poowong Pixie Guides almost make me yearn for Feral Teen and Feral Queen to be little again. Then again they were both too feral to stay in Guides....they scared the Girl Guide leaders into needing to camp with the torches on all night...

1883 Responding to a request from several Kiwis to send some officers, the first 2 Salvation Army officers arrived at Port Chalmers in the midst of an economic depression.

Speaking of the younger feral female of the Tribe, during one of our long rambling chats that we have into the wee small hours she pointed out that shortly she will no longer be a teen so I will have to refer to her as Feral Spawn. Dear Readers, let me introduce you to Feral Spawn. Photo only on pain of death...and I'm allergic to pain.

1939 The Aussie-built Wirraway was flown for the first time in a test flight.

Aussie Slanguage -
If your crown jewels (testicles) came a gutsa ( injured) while getting a dink (lift on a bicycle) and you ended up as crook as Rookwood (cemetery) then you probably had Buckley's (no chance) of dipping your wick (having sex).
Clear as mud, eh?

1963 Beeching I Report into Reshaping of British Railways suggested to the govt of the time that 9,700 kms of rural railway network be closed.
The bastards govt of the time accepted the idea, prompting the nickname The Beeching Axe.

Once upon a time these concrete plant pots dreamt of a sunny locale, regular watering and a generous someone to supply them with their fertiliser habit....

1984 The Wellington Trades Hall was bombed, with the death of caretaker Ernie Abbott.

The Russell Street bombing took place in Melbourne, resulting in the death of policewoman Angela Taylor.

Poowong Swimming Club has been going so well for so long they hosted the annual swimming competition in the Bass River in 1928 and presented the assistant coach with a gold fountain pen.
I wouldn't mind a fountain pen, doesn't have to be gold....
2006 John Howard's horrid Work Choices reforms came into effect....and they've been kicked to the kerb almost to the day.


  1. Once I've figured out how to visit Poowong, the idea of pixies tickles my bones, will you find me and take me on one of your walks so I can see bricks and walls and chimneys and things?

  2. "6 marines were executed for nicking food from the Govt food stores."

    I'm surprised the food didn't kill 'em, first.

  3. I shall indeed, Elizabeth, just as soon as I can unchain myself from the stove and jump a bus down to Poowong for a look-see ;)
    Can't promise we'll catch pixies on camera but we'll give it a go!

    They were probably looking for the sawdust everyone was raving about each mealtime, Brian.

    When you soak them in rum and have them as an entree, B.
    Nup, didn't work for me either, the Tribe preferred the pizza...!

  4. tepfather used to sing "lovely bunch of coconuts" when he was drunk. He would also sing The Great Pretender, and something about "show me the way to go home, I'm tired and I want to go to bed, I had a little drink about an hour ago, and it went straight to my head.."Then he'd fall asleep in his chair.

  5. That should read "my stepfather"..etc

  6. I get ya, River, we all used to sing it at the end of the Scottish caleighs we'd go to, all us kids under 13 LOL ;)