Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just back from the opthamologist and....

....guess what?
Still blind!
Nothing exciting to report, no changes.
Except he got this really nice new carpet put in....


  1. And how do you know he got nice new carpet in?

    Did you get up close and personal with it?

    Hope that carpet burn on your knees heals quickly!! ;) lol

  2. Bahahaha, I was thinking the same, and the Mistress said it.


  3. Yes, I must admit to being addicted to new carpet and lovin' it up close and personal, B :P
    The sorbolene is working already :P

    I thought I spied you beside the rest of us in the gutter, WS :P

  4. I laughed at Mistress B's comment cos thats the same thing I was wondering. Mike is making me a cuppa and can easily make you one too. He does black tea as well (I need milk in mine). Want some home baking to go with that??

  5. The last time I went to the opticians I couldn't read any further than the large letter 'I' at the top of the chart no matter how hard I tried. I was even more disgruntled when I realised that I'd just read the hat stand.

  6. Ok that settles it. You're not driving me to Oakville to find the cheese.

  7. Oooooooo, thank you, Janine, I'd love that!

    And yet hat stands are so much easier to read than brolly stands, Brian!

    Not even by broomstick, Elizabeth?

  8. If you can get yourself over here on one I'm game.

  9. oh dear Jayne -the menu of life is so frequently dished up to the wrong people it makes me scream.

    You are not on MY list of people who Deserve to be visually hampered.
    On the other hand, you are spared the sight of Ddaannii Minogue's constantly-changing face and body, Madonna's shocking fashion sense, and the horror that is the Crown Casino on Brownlow night.
    There are occasional stories of sight-regained after a head trauma, and if you dare to try it, I will come and throw a plastic bucket at you while praying.
    wishing you love and peace

  10. ROFLMFAO Elizabeth and Annie!!!

  11. Question to blind person:-How do you feel?

    Answer:- With my hands.