Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lazy Trivial Sunday History Afternoon, I've Got No March 22 Mind To Worry...

Here we are on another Sunday, lazing about after we've mowed the lawns, weeded the gardens, tickled the worms in the compost and twirled the fertiliser randomly all over the vegie garden.
Yep, another Lazy Sunday....

1819 Macquarie, ever the man of the people, forwarded to the Colonial Office in London a petition from the 1,260 colonists who wanted, nay, demanded a new legal system that included trial by jury and the removal of restrictions on trade and distillation of spirits.
They wanted to brew up, get pissed and be judged by their own peers....I'd say they were successful!

Speaking of Poowong Footy Club...oh, we weren't?
Well, we are now.
Anyway, the Victorian Country Football League (VCFL) has a Bushfire Appeal for footy lovers to donate for the footy cause for all the clubs effected by the recent fires in any capacity, from umpires to Auskick, which will help re-build some small part of the communities.

1859 The Political Labour League of Victoria (please note they had their spelling thumped into them good and proper) was established in Melbourne, which was the first political party dedicated to the working class of Oz.

Mother's Day weekend of May 9 and 10 there's Pink Footy Day where players and fans show their support to those women battling breast cancer all over rural Victoria.
Make a note of it and get along to a country footy match to show your support.

1913 The world's very first ever, brand-spanking-new totaliser was put through its paces at the Ellerslie Racecourse in Auckland.

Remember I mentioned that Poowong Footy Club had a to-do with that odd water pipe?
Well that's completely sorted and not only do they have a bigger and deeper dam but they now also recycle storm water run off.
A heck of a lot more than what them in State Govt seem to be doing...

1918 The Great Ocean Road Trust was formed at a public meeting held on this day in Colac.

While we're gossiping about the Great and Illustrious Poowong, you should check out this list of local organisation HERE.
You never know, the Poowong Garden Club might grab you by the peat moss...

1942 The town of Katherine was bombed by the Japanese.

Did I mention that 4 of the senior Poowong Footy Club players have played more than 300 games at senior level?
Not a bad effort considering they only play 18 matches in a season.

1994 Anna Paquin broke the Oscar drought for the Kiwis when she won the Best Supporting Actress statuette for The Piano.

Some stunning photography of in and around the township of Poowong HERE.
I've already spied what looks like a collection of antique firing up the broomstick as we speak....


  1. "...the first political party dedicated to the working class of Oz."

    We used to have one of them. Those were the good old days...

  2. They're a rare and endangered species these days, Brian.

  3. Oh how I envy - we are still on this side of the lawnmowing saga!

    Go Poowong!!

  4. Poowong is a great little place with an unfortunate name isn't it??
    WTF were they thinking???
    It's almost as good as Pakenham Upper!!!
    LMAO..there are some very sick town planners out there hey???

  5. Yay, Jeanie, Go Poowong! ;)

    Poowong is thought to originate from an Indigenous word, Mo, but I don't know if I should share just yet :P