Monday, March 23, 2009

Libraries and Reading and books...oh my!

It's all about books and reading and libraries - which all strangely go hand-in-hand - this week, makes me wonder if the non-vacivity Universe is sending me a message about something or other?

Nomes wrote about the BBC list of books and Anja wrote about reading (which reminded me of a most gleimous dipshyte who wanted all fantasty and sci-fi books burned) and Frisky Librarian not only wrote about this blog post of drool-worthy libraries from around the world but also got a few of us adopting words from Save The Words.

Then we had Moscow Daily Photo posting a series of pics taken of the Russian State Library, Brian discovered a pile of archaeological finds at his local library, Karen has misplaced 2 of her manuscripts, I intend to email Frogdancer to send a book voucher for her friend's son who lost all his books in the recent fires and I've registered Feral Beast for the Victorian Premier's Reading Challenge yet again.

2 of our library books are almost over-due, Amanda has her head stuck in books, I've found a fab old Kiwi-authored and published book (pictured below) at the op shop and Feral Beast has been ploughing through his Russian language text books.


  1. Before Jonathan Livingston Seagull, there was ... Red Bill. Cool seeing the early books still hanging about.

  2. Russian Language Text books? I have enough trouble with english. Удача с тем Дикое Животное!

  3. Libraries and reading. Two of my favourite things. Nothing like fiction to escape reality.

  4. Libraries and reading. Two of my favourite things. Nothing like fiction to escape reality.

  5. It's a fun book, Lisa, especially the foreword written by her cat Grey Malcolm :)

    "Success with the fact the wild animal"...?
    Brian ???
    Something you want to tell us about your cat...?!

    Great on wet days hidden down the back of the library, River.

    Ditto above :P

  6. Jayne,

    It was supposed to say 'Good luck with that, Feral Beast'. Unfortunately I learned Russian from the label of a vodka bottle...which is now empty.

  7. Ahh!
    Thanks, Brian, I'll pass your message on.
    You know, there really are easier ways to learn Russian than letting gallons of the spud giggling juice fall into your bloodstream :P

  8. Hey - when you put it like that, reading about metacognition actually sounds fun :)

  9. We have finished the Premiers Reading Challenge and now trying to read as many of the Challenge books as possible.