Monday, March 16, 2009

Lookin' back on the Trivial track for March 16 little green History bag...

This is post number 713.

Just noticed. Geeze I waffle a lot.
Belt up Robert, I can hear you muttering.
Watched a really good history re-enactment Rogue Nation which FINALLY addressed the pissy propaganda about poor old Gov Billy Bligh hiding under the servants bed when he was arrested.
Bligh was so handy on the tooth he couldn't possibly fit under any bed!
*shes says trying to squeeze under Feral Beasts' bed to find a colony of lost socks*

Today is the Feast Day of St Urho.
Go chase a grasshopper in celebration.

1836 Down in Tassie a wooden tramway was completed where convicts hauled the trucks between Port Arthur and Norfolk Bay.
Lucky buggers, think of the stunning views they could have enjoyed!

Enjoyed a great program titled All About Dung.
In Calcutta they filter the sewerage through water ponds, in London they burn it to produce electricity, in South Africa they use elephant and rhino dung to make paper and in India they soak cow dung in salt water to recharge batteries to bring dead things back to life.
No, not dead bodies.
Once they're in the vegie patch, that's it for ever, I keep telling you.
And, no, you can't build a toilet over the top of them.

1940 Girls, steady yourselves!
Jockey Y fronts went on sale in NZ stores.

Been hearing vague conspiracy theories recently about the Black Saturday fires.
I'm not going to give the details of them the attention they do NOT deserve as over 200 people died in that shitty hell storm and  people who should know better and who should have more respect are coming up with the most bizarre bullshit known to mankind.
There's a few out there vying for a diagnosis of screaming paranoid personality disorder or good old paranoid schizophrenia.
If the shoe fits, whack it round your manic lug hole, you wankers.

1961 Monash University went into business of knocking knowledge into craniums when it opened its doors.

Feral Beast is doing well in Russian language school to the point his teacher announced he was actually reading Russian words and that he could start on the next text book in his studies.
On hearing this I tossed the Russian newspaper under his nose and told him to translate it.
Feral Beast is currently searching the Russian-English dictionary for "my mother is a cow".

1999 was officially launched on this day.
And a bloody good site it is, too.
You Kiwis should be damn proud of it.

2008 Today was the 14th straight day for Adelaide residents to sizzle like a sausage in temps over 35 degrees.

Seriously, one asks oneself how on earth museums manage to lose so many artifacts with the level of security and referencing systems they have?!

2008 HMAS Sydney and German cruiser Kormoran were finally found off the West Oz coast.

Monty Python dead parrot sketch similarity written in a 3rd century gag book.
"Oh, no, the Norwegian Blue is just resting,"


  1. "1999 was officially launched on this day.
    And a bloody good site it is, too.
    You Kiwis should be damn proud of it."

    Don't worry, we are. Can't you hear our skiting from over there? We'll just have to yell louder. ;-)

  2. That is shocking about the misplacement of artifacts!!

    Did you see the Dateline story on St Death last night?