Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mama's Making Trivial Canton, Doesn't Take History Long For The March 28 Word to Spread Around...

Today is both Hot Tub Day and Respect Your Cat Day.
So...toss pusskin a few steaks and lock yourself in the hot tub for some good, clean fun with a pot of coffee, a good book...and a yummy buffed up bloke.wink

1931 Holden's Motor Body Builders slipped into a merger of a marriage with American business General Motors to create General Motors-Holden's Ltd.
I have obviously let the side down when Feral Beast only knows comic genius Billy Connolly not for his swearing but "as the bloke off the ING ads"exclaim

1942 The northern part of the Northern Territory was placed under military control.
{sarcasm}Something to do with the bombing raids I suspect...{/sarcasm}

When brickies used to get arty-farty #2.

1955 NZ scored the world's lowest test cricket score against England at Eden Park in Auckland - 26 runs.
No one has 'beaten' this score to date.eek

There's many a meeting happening in Poowong in coming weeksmrgreen
Poowong Gardening Club
Poowong Historical Group
Poowong Apex Club
Poowong and District Landcare Group
Poowong CCC
For all details on meeting times and places see HERE.
For a small community of barely 600 people it's certainly got a lot to offer!

2006 Kiwi farmers were a tad unhappy that the new laws demanded all dogs be microchipped, wanting farm dogs to be exempt and likening this to the Dog Tax War of the past.


  1. Respect your cat day? As opposed to be a slave to, molly coddle and bend over backwards for your cat day (he writes with one particular spoilt brat of a feline occupying most his left shoulder)?

  2. Every day is respect your cat day. We need a day to disrepect your cat.

  3. I think they mean for us to totally slavish our moggies with love, brushing and steaks, Brian.
    I'm waiting for the Respect Your Human Day!

    Lordy, Marita, we had Disrespect Your Cat Day once, when we gave ours dried food instead of steak....they tried to nom on our feet for a week!

  4. Took the Poowong tour just now. Thanks for the link. They so look a proper nice bunch but the library might just be a tad bit small for me.
    I do love their weather station!

  5. Ah, so that is why our great lord Eddie was so clingy this morning - wanted his respect quota upped!!

  6. I just have to advise Marita against the disrespect your cat day after finding all my missing steak knives under my bed yesterday........ who else could have put them there but the cats?

  7. Yep, Jeanie, Cats.Just.Know!

    Steak knives under your bed, B?!
    Oh, that's where Freddy Kruger moved to...! :P