Sunday, March 1, 2009

Monday March 2 Trivial Horizontal History Madness

The Spouse and Feral Beast went off to play a cricket match which turned out to be the (hung-over,out-of-shape, casually adorned) fathers versus a VERY professional Pakistan cricket team (no, no, not THE Pakistan cricket team, A team from Pakistan) bedecked in professional whites, gloves, helmets, pads, the works.
Needless to say the fathers were not ashamed to have lost soundly to the much better side.

Meanwhile Feral Beast discovered some early 20th century middens at the edge of the cricket ground, bringing home 2 intact glass jars circa WW1/1920's.
He says there's intact bottles still there and quite a lot evident near the surface.
His mother says he'll be trotting off with his father with the garden trowel tucked under his wing sometime this week!

1840 Patrick Leslie was a leader amongst men...or a drover amongst pastoralists when he drove the first mob of sheep overland from NSW to Moreton Bay.
This may or may not have included sexual relations along the way.

Big brave me was having a shower when one of those itty bitty jumping spiders jumped onto the back of my hand.
Dogs from 3 suburbs away were howling in tune with my screeching.

1851 Excitingly the very first census of Victoria revealed that man had been successfully doing the horizontal limbo with the population hitting 77,345.
I have an idea how they were spending their free time....

The worst thing hubby can tell you right before you climb into bed?
"I just took out a monster of a huntsman from off the back of the bedroom door,"
Sleep aint gonna happen.
1865 Missionary Carl Volkner (who wasn't exactly in the missinary position on this day) was dealt a nasty mischief when he was hung at Opotiki, then had his head chopped off, then had his eyes swallowed in a show of a new religion, Pai Marire.

Another roomy Gladstone Bag was liberated from the local trash and treasure market to be adopted into a loving home here.
To hide the unfinished craft projects and unfinished buried bodies projects.

1971 Radio station 8HA Alice Springs began broadcasting music people may have had sex to while in the back of a shaggin' wagon.

Did you know that not only can you read whilst on an exercise bike but you can also crochet, balance your cheque book and fill out your tax refund paperwork.
Or so my local gym instructor keeps hinting at me....

1974 The re-built Centennial Pool opened....just in time for the last burst of Summer to catch those love birds in their swim suits.

Next meeting of the Pride History Group Monday, 2 March 2009 6:30pm
Benledi, 186 Glebe Pt Road, Glebe
Goodness, did a freebie plug slip in past me then...?

1987 The first Aria Awards was held in Sydney but was not televised so therefore did not put anyone off their stroke.

Typed in "Can you have too much Chocolate Awareness Week 2009"
Thankfully Gurgle told me I was just hyped up from too much caffeine...

1992 Open Learning University began playing with peoples minds when it started broadcasting on the ABC TV.
See? Didn't mention anything about sex this time!

I have a cat who insists on sleeping in the bathroom.
If the blanket isn't to his liking he will leap up to hook his claws in the (no longer) really good towels and drag them off the towel rail onto the floor so he can sleep in luxury.
He also teases the dogs into chasing him all over the house although several times the dogs have actually caught him and stood there with a look of,
"What do we do now?!"

1996 John Howard became PM of Oz and put everyone right off the very thought of procreation.

And thus the Second Day of March was spent, in arduous toil to populate this island continent in more ways than we'd probably care to imagine.
You can blame Peter Costello for telling everyone to "have one for mum, one for dad and one for the country".
The only time a Federal Treasurer has turned the population into a pack of horny jack rabbits!


  1. Now that was a post and a half. The poor puppies you deafened with your girly scream. I hope you didn't drown the little spider.

    Hubby killed the Huntsman? What sort of man is he? He should have taken it outside and released it. Poor little spider.

    Now tell me, what sort of music can you do the wild thing to in the back of a shaggin' wagon? As you are probably of the "Puberty Blues" and "Sandman" generation, surely you would know. *winks*

  2. LMFAO
    I...ummm....have no idea....ummmmm...what music....
    No, hubby never kills spiders, he picks them up and takes them outside, sometimes with his bare hands other times with paper and jar method.

  3. "Feral Beast discovered some early 20th century middens at the edge of the cricket ground."

    Expect plenty of Edwardian beer bottles then.

  4. Spiders :shudder:

    I'd be moving bedrooms.

  5. Yep, we seem to find those with clockwork regularity lol.

    I'll just get him to vacuum more thoroughly, Marita lol.

  6. So today is all about dogs, shagging and spiders?

    As you are a far more effective barometer than the astrologers, I will keep my guard up.

  7. Spiders.

    You bitch.



  8. I am right besideyou on the spider front. My only true obsession, ridding the world of 8 legged crawly things. Eugh.

  9. "Dogs, shagging and spiders"...that could almost be the beginning of a great joke there, Jeanie lol.

    Oops, Kelley, sorry!

    Little ones don't normally bother me but this one just jumped out of nowhere and caught me off-guard....and without a keg of fly spray lol.