Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Spirit Got Trivial Lost History Now March 11 is Missing....

Feral Beast dragged The Spouse off to a talk on fluorescent minerals last night at the gem club they've joined and they had a ball.
While I romped amidst the streets of the local area and got me some more chimney lovin' (ok, that sounded really creepy even to me!).
Although I was almost run over by an old chick in an electric wheelchair that had obviously been pimped out to go at least 35kms per hour.
I can see the headlines 'Fat blind chick becomes speed hump for old chick in really bright leotards '

A quick Happy Birthday to The Mistress !
Hope you have a damn fine day!

1813 The first cattle fair was held, no doubt starring my mother in law, at Parramatta NSW.

When brickies get arty-farty....
1818 Mary Shelley's Frankenstein woke up on the slab.
Many Happy...Returns...?

Triple treat of toasty warm tootsies...

1845 Kororareka was attacked by Maori with anti-government intent.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Apple Dumplings.
Sift 4 cups of SR flour into  a bowl, rub in 1 cup of butter, mix in 1.5 cups of milk then roll it out about 5 cms thick on a floured surface.
Peel and quarter Granny Smith apples, cut pastry into rounds, place apple quarter on each.
Sprinkle with sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon then form pastry into a ball with apple insdie.
Bake in a syrup of 3 cups of water, 1 tablespoon of butter and 1 cup of sugar that you prepared earlier!

1845 Henry Jones was a likely lad who patented self-raising flour on this day.
Hooray for Henry.

If you look r-e-a-l-l-y closely and carefully you might find Rainbow Lorikeets hiding in the tree.
Or not.

1871 WA's first ever railway which tottled from Busselton to Yonganup was opened by a private timber company (it was dobbin-powered until August of that year).

Zoo inmate vents spleen at stupid pink monkeys...

1899 The Rakaia railway accident, which was very similar to Victoria's own Sunshine railway disaster, occured when 2 trains, carrying freezer works employees out on an excursion, collided with the result of 4 deaths and 22 injured.

War over water between 2 states.....yep, the next battle won't be over petrol but H2o.

1942 Everyone over the age of 16 excitingly got to be registered and to carry ID cards.

Name That....Laneway!!!
No? No idea ?
Bugger, means I'll be stuck here till someone finds me...


  1. Re: Your obsession with chimney photographs...I'm just wondering what Freud'd make of that. (Actually, I already know what Freud would make of that. I just wanted to draw your attention to it.)

  2. lol Brian does have a point, chimney lovin does sound well just a little creepy lol. Hands you some breadcrumbs, next time your out walking drop those behind and find your way home lol

  3. I saw it. I did I did I did.

    Love the chimneys by the way.

  4. I share my birthday with frankenstein. How apt.

  5. Chimneys, phallic, 'nuff said.

    Was the old girl who pimped her ride hanging some fuzzy dice? Hanging from where makes the mind boggle.

  6. Bahahahaha... Mistress, Frankenstein, I think my brain had a spasm. That's hysterical.

    What mischief should happen for the birthday of the Mistress?

  7. Freud and I haven't exchanged Chrissy cards for some time now, Brian, not since he declared that flowers didn't have emotions. My roses were most put out.

    LOL Janine, the pigeons would probably thank you very much for the free feed ;)

    Yay, Elizabeth!
    Thankyou, you have excellent taste ;)

    LOL Mistress B, but I can honestly say you've resisted the urge to plunder graves quite nicely ;)

    I didn't want to look too closely, Anja, the rippling of the retina-burning uber-bright leotards made for some psychedelic nightmares.

    All sorts of mischief, of course, Anja!!!

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  9. All the people round here are too boney for kissing...


    Wow. Frankenstein's monster is THAT old? Almost 200!

    No idea which laneway that is. Except it's old, and I'm guessing inner-city Melbourne or Adelaide. If you hear church-bells, maybe you're in Adelaide ;-)

  10. That laneway looks kind of familiar. Somewhere in Thebarton? One of the little lanes that are named after the street next to them? You know how they have Rose Street, then Rose Lane, Kintore Street, then Kintore Lane, sometimes there's a little un-named laneway, that's what this one looks like.

  11. I like the Chimney photographs beats a stinky old pipe I suppose. Laneway is cool too. How can I get my thieving hands on one then? Hey like the recipe. Ta muchly on that Jayne awesome.

    Hope everything is okay with everyone in Victoria


  12. YUM!

    That dumpling recipe is making me hungry!


  13. Looks like our old laneway in Balaclava. But lanes are inclined to look very similar.

  14. You've got an art deco house, too, Robert?

    If I heard bells near that laneway I'd be checking for angels and the Pearly Gates, too, Nomes lol ;)

    This one doesn't have a name (as far as I know)River but let's christian it with something lol.

    Thanks, Liz, everything's hunky dory and you're welcome ;)

    Take it with my blessing and warning that you will be unable to stop at just one, G ;)

    Closer to Little Jo's stomping ground, Andrew ;)

  15. Fascinating post Jayne. Lol, lanes and chimneys are two of my favourite things. Freud has a lot to answer for when you can't enjoy a simple spot of chimney spotting in all innocence. Brian is very naughty to bring that up.

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  21. Brian just doesn't appreciate the finer points of tuck-pointing and brickwork above the eaves, LiD ;)

    Hmmm let me guess, Robert - weatherboard single-fronted Victorian terrace OR weatherboard double fronted Edwardian cottage? GAVE the bricks away?????
    Are you mad?!

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  23. No man hath influenced the heart of a widder woman by the brick path, Robert :P

    Cal Bungalows are quite nice :)

  24. Oh wait. Is that the lane way that goes between Nelson Street and Frederick Street, a continuation of Dover Street? Or the other one that I can't remember the exact location of? Both in Maylands.

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  26. It could be, River,but without a name who knows?!

    How very true, Robert lol ;)