Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh we're from Trivial Tigerland, a fighting history fury we're from March 23 Tigerland...

Today's word is Vacivity, which can be used to describe the capacity of some people, my bank account, the pantry, my sun-baked vegie patch (not counting the bodies under the soil) and the hopes of the English Cricket Team - it means emptiness.

It's Cuddly Kitten Day.
So Lexicon Harlot is all set for the day!
The rest of you will have to lurk around the local pet shop....just don't hack up too many furballs.

Poowong in Victoria is thought to come from an Aboriginal word meaning "carrion".
The Poowong Magpies will certainly make carrion out of the opposition this season with Adam Sheedy coaching!

1827 The future architect of Canterbury in New Zealand, Edward Wakefield, was tossed into probably not a vacitious cell in gaol for abduction.

Twas absolute magic watching the Tiwi Island Footy Grand Final yesterday.
Those players were like greyhounds: fast and furious, graceful and ballet-like in their movements all over the ground.
They made the regular AFL footy players look like big, clumsy lumbering bears.
And I was on the money - the Tapalinga Super Stars romped it home!

1848 The ship the John Wickliffe plopped anchor in Port Chalmers, Otago, bringing the first of the Otago Association's Scottish settlers.

What made the Tiwi Islands Grand Final even better was seeing something you will never, ever see happen in an AFL match - the kids running onto the field with the players, sitting on the boundary fence, some even sitting on the boundary on the field, the kids playing on the field during half-time, the kids flooding the field when the final siren rang.
AFL security guards would have had a conniption had they been watching the match!

1866 The road to the West Coast of NZ was officially opened.

Another thing that made a refreshing change - all the players linked arms in a gesture to support "No violence against women".
And they didn't need to be told to do so by their coach.
And the bright, bold eye-catching poster signs along the boundary fence stating "Say no to alcohol and drugs".
I'm surprised the AFL bosses couldn't squeeze one of those posters in between all the other big-money-paying sponsers at the AFL grounds.....

1889 The Bible of The Bush aka The Bulletin published a great long poem dedicated to Te Kooti from Arthur Desmond.
For more info click HERE.

Poowong Footy Club celebrated its centenary in 1989, so it'll be blowing 120 candles out on the cake this year.

1902 Post Offices refused to deliver any snail mail addressed to Tattersall's Sweeps in Hobert - and thus the internet and email was born!
No, not quite.
The conniving public got around this obstacle (as the ban wasn't lifted till long after hems were lifted in 1930) by addressing all their correspondence to Tatt's by addressing it to an "aunt".

Apparently Poowong is about to go off like a frog in a sock...real estate-wise in a manner of speaking.
Maybe that's where some of our futures lie, getting up close and personal with the Poowong Magpies?

1922 Qld Parliament was cleaning House - literally - by abolishing the Legsilative Council.

Ooooooooooo Poowong is even blessed with a Bills' Horse Trough!
For the pic, click HERE.
See? I told you this town and its footy club were good...
even if they DO take after Collingwood....

1989 Central Oz had its worst floods since European settlement.
Lucky buggers!

One can never have too much pride, even in Poowong, despite the fact it's the flushing sort of red carpet premier.....


  1. I'm beginning to think my life is worthless without a Poowong T-shirt.

  2. Vacivity: The space between the ears of the average politician.

  3. LOL Elizabeth.
    I'll let you know if they've got one ;)

    Yes, Brian, known as the great echoing vacivity ;)