Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Queen Biatch of the universe can't attend the flea market today as it's March 8

Have been running around like a hairy-arsed goat...and if you've ever seen one you'd know how exhausting it is just looking at the ugly buggers.
Anyway, I digress...I think.
What was it I was going....oh yes!
Butter Balloon things refused to go puffy, they sat and sulked in the bottom of the pan like lumps of wet dough....which is what they were but they refused to join in the pretense of the recipe and turn into light, round golden pancake balls of floaty lovliness.
So we fried the buggery out of them (just by forgetting they were there) and drowned them in sago pud with golden syrup.
Not half bad...if you also chuck enough ice cream on to freeze the balls off a dead horse.
Vanilla, not chocolate before you ask.

Awwww, look at that.
It's International Women's Day today...where women should be able to have brekkie in bed, get foot rubs, shoulder massages, bucket-loads of chocolate and champers on demand.
Failing all that malarky a nice cuppa tea will do, ta.

Learn to be frugal for long-term rewards.
Even if you don't subscribe to the climate change theory by switching from hot/warm water to cold water for soaking and washing laundry you can save on your hip pocket.

1894 The Melbourne CBD was all sparkly and glittery when it was lit up with electricity for the first time from the Melbourne City Council generators.
Oi, Mayor Doyle, there's another idea you can toss around at the next meeting.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
Compost all your kitchen crap - if you don't have a chook to turn it into free-range bum nuts - to fill your family's stomachs and save on chemically- produced fertilisers in the vegie patch.
Your worms will thank you.

1895 Another amazing episode in *drumroll* "When Victorian Railway Networks Were Extended" *cue dramatic music*
An extra 77 kms of track was rolled out between Wycheproof and Sea Lake.
Un-farking-believable, eh Kosky?!
Although that might have been possible due to the simple fact that they didn't screw around with dinky, useless ticket schemes that ate up a budget that could re-float the British economy.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Devilled Sandwich Bake.
A slightly different version of The (Un)Offical Food of Twitter - Cheese Toasty's aka Jaffles.
Make 4 sangasas usual with cheese and ham on them, then shove them into a greased cake tin.
Mix 2 cups of milk with 3 eggs, a tiny pinch of seasoning, a teaspoon of mustard and 1 tablespoon of finely chopped onion (capsicum, asparagus, mushrooms etc, may also be added).
Pour egg mix over the sangas then let it stand for at least an hour before baking in a moderate oven till golden brown and puffy and you begin salivating at the oven door.

1921 Well, bugger the orchids up the garden wall and over the other side, yet another railway line was extended when Manangatang to Annuello line grewed an extra 24 kms.
And to prove it existed, click on a pic HERE.

Am going to have to get me a Miner's Right so Feral Beast can legally use his metal detector and go detecting to find his fortune on beaches, cricket grounds, out in the wilds....

1929 The crowds did their crowding thing at Wellington's Paramount Theatre to see - and hear - the 'talkie' Street Angel, which was actually a silent fill-um with a recorded musical soundtrack.

Place Name Origin -
Banyule in Victoria was named after the oh-so-pretty-I'll-take-a-dozen-of-them Banyule Homestead, which was built by a bloke with excellent taste, Joseph Hawdon.

1942 NZ got a scare when Japanese Warrant Officer Nobuo Fujita had a looky see of Wellington after his Yokosuka E14y reconn plane had been flung into the air from a Japanese sub.

Kiwi Street Spotlight-
Auckland is known as "The Queen City" after the extensive businesses built up around the main street, Queen Street, which is also the most expensive block of land in the NZ Monopoly game.
It lends its name to the phrase "Queen Street Farmers" (same as Melb's Collins Street Cockies) referring to those with large rural investments but little rural knowledge.
Queen Street had the first dobbin-drawn buses, the first electric trams, was the first in all of Aotearoa to be asphalted and, until 1956, possessed the only grand unions in all of NZ for double-tram track to go in all directions from all directions. (Balaclava Junction in Melb is the only remaining grand union in the Southern Hemisphere).
For further history and fabulous snap shots click HERE.

1956 Opo the Friendly Dolphin sadly died at Hokianga.

And on that depressingly miserable note I shall retire for the night as my eyelids are drooping lower than a whore's drawers.


  1. "Butter Balloon things refused to go puffy, they sat and sulked in the bottom of the pan..."

    Sounds like the Yorkshire puddings I make. When I try to remove them from the oven with a spoon, the level just drops.

  2. See, I always associated Queen Street Farmers with Brissy's Queen Street - its not just an industry (or lack of) but an expression that is international, eh?

  3. Think you're making the same mistake I made last night, Brian - didn't let the batter chill properly before baking.

    Exactly, Jeanie, there's citified rural investors everywhere waiting to be crowned by the street where they do business lol.

  4. Ooooh want toasted sangers now.

  5. Batter? Chill? I'm talking about the pre-cooked Yorkies here that you're supposed to just bung in the oven. That's why I can't understand where I'm going wrong.

  6. That whole sanger thing sounds mighty interesting............