Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Remember when.....

Milk came in 600ml glass bottles with those little foil caps?

Loose lollies could be bought for as little as 1 or 2 cents each?

The milkman delivering milk with a horse and cart when it was pitch dark?

Newspapers being delivered by a kid on a bicycle before dawn?

Red wooden public telephone boxes everywhere?

Playing elastics, skipping ropes and hop scotch in the play yard?

Marbles could be used in place of money ?

Swap cards and yoyos were all the rage once a year?

Feel free to add any and all memories that tickle your fancy in comments!


  1. "Milk came in 600ml glass bottles with those little foil caps?"

    I remember when milk came in pints, half pints and quarts -- none of that metric rubbish! :-)

  2. The only one I do not remember of yours is the milk being delivered with a horse and cart.

    I remember going to the dairy and buying cigarettes for my mother when I was about 10. They were around $3.75.

    I remember when Bell Bottoms and platform shoes were the rage.

  3. "Milk came in 600ml glass bottles with those little foil caps?"

    Mine still does, only like Timespanner says, it's pint bottles...and it's delivered by the traditional milkfloat complete with driver in white cap and striped apron.

  4. Lollies only taste great to me when they are in little white paper bags. There has to be freckles and milk bottles or the mix is no good.

    The same with hot chips. Unless eaten from a bag you have to rip open and they're scalding hot, they're nowhere near as good.

  5. 'Fruito' would come to your door with fruit and veges in a wooden box.

    We had a dairy at the bottom our street and the milkman would deliver with his horse and cart or going to the dairy with a glass pitcher and having it filled with milk.

  6. We had a party line phone that your neighbours could listen in to your calls on.

    Our milkman was our dad, and the milk came to us every morning "frosky" and warm from the cow - and he would always crack "this was grass only hours ago" to us.

  7. The baker would leave a crusty white loaf of high top in our bread box every morning. Yum.

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  9. I remember those milk bottle deliveries - most of my neighbours were the delivery boys! We used to have tokens instead of coins to make sure that no-one nicked the milk money!

    And then I remember trying to persuade the local dairy on the corner on the way home from school, that because there wasn't a 1/2 cent piece, that he really needed to just give me one of those 2for1c lollies, He never did buy into that logic. At 6 I just couldn't understand the injustice of that!! LOL

  10. Glued to the wireless on a Saturday night to listen to "Life with Dexter."

  11. I remember foil caps on milk bottles, 1 and 2 cent lollies in paper bags (and yes! must have freckles and milk bottles to be any good), playing hopscotch etc

    And a red wooden phone booth at preschool for us to play in lol

    I also remember going camping and using our air beds to float on in the dam, carting my baby brother around in the bassinet strapped in to the back seat of the car, and when showbags were under $10!

  12. where kids could walk to and from school on their own.

    Where you would say bye to your mother at 9.00am in the morning and not turn back up at home until dinner was on the table.

    Elastics were the game of choice for girls and both boys and girls would play bull rush.

    Soft drinks came in large glass bottles and you and your friends would all drink from the same bottle.

    I so miss those days.

  13. I still have my swap cards and a couple of them would have to be 60 years old as they were handed on to me from older cousins.

    I did love our milk horse and the swearing milkman. By the time the cart came to our corner the horse knew it was on the home stretch and would pick up speed and the milko's swearing did too.

    I'm surprised you didn't mention the night cart.

  14. I really wanted to contribute, but it has all been so well covered. Jahteh gives me inspiration. Remember when the bloke came to empty your pan? Even worse, when you had to dig a hole and bury the contents? The vegies grew well though.

  15. 300ml bottles of milk being delivered to schools for the kids, Always left outside to get warm and taste revolting.
    Twice daily mail deliveries Monday to Friday, morning mail delivery on Saturdays.
    Bakery vans coming around with fresh bread, rolls and assorted buns, (I well remember my daughter getting excited and wanting a "finger bum" (she was 1 1/2))
    Much earlier in my life the bakery cart was horse drawn and we would give the horse apples.
    The once weekly ice delivery, where the driver would grab huge blocks of ice with a large set of pincers and bring it into the house and deposit it in the top of the ice chest. (pre refrigeration days). We kids would scramble around the floor picking up shards of ice that were dropped and eating them.
    The once weekly garbage pickup, with cute boys running behind the slow moving truck from both sides of the street picking up your garbage can and tossing the contents into the back of the truck.
    The once weekly pre-dawn visit from the "night cart", this was the gentleman who removed the full "dunny can" and replaced it with an empty one.
    Trucks with crates of soft drinks going around the streets, you placed an order and left your empty bottles in the crate on your front porch and while you were at school the empties were replaced with full bottles of lemonade, raspberry and cola drinks.

  16. More:- going to the corner store on dad's payday with a one pound note, paying ten shillings off "the book", buying a packet of cigarettes (for dad) a loaf of bread, three shillings worth of mild chees which the shopkeeper would cut off a large cheese "wheel", and a sixpenny bag of mixed lollies for each of us kids.
    Spending entire summer days on the beach without any danger from strangers and never a thought of sunscreen.

  17. Mistress B? I remember when showbags were called Sample Bags and were free, with so much more stuff in them, sample sized bits of quality goods.

  18. I remember first getting the phone connected. Back then you had to wait around 9 - 12 months to get it connected.
    Good to see telstra haven't changed - now you just have to wait in a phone queue for about that long!


  19. When your train ticket had to be validated with a hole-punch...

    When the "3DB-HSV7" neon sign lit up on Flinders Street...

    When you turned up late for work and people would ask if you'd brought in The Herald with you...

    When there was a drive-in opposite Northland Shopping Centre...

    When the Yellow Pages was Pink... (I actually don't recall this but someone mentioned it to me once)

  20. I remember when 50cents was a lot of money.

    I remember when paying over 50cents/L for petrol was a rip off.

    :: sigh ::