Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rifle in my Trivial Hand Redneck History Wonderland March 19

The Feral Beast has finally completed his first essay for there's just the second and third essays to live through before this course is done and dusted *grins*

1837 Captain George Hempleman established the first shore-based whaling station at Peraki Bay on the Banks Peninsula.
One day there was a Japanese town called Suwa.
Then it had a sewerage treatment plant.
Then they discovered gold in them thar turds.
And they all lived happily ever after.

1839 Honey bees were landed upon Kiwi soil for the first time.

Barking at the computer when it's being a bitch won't make it work faster but, apparently, it will trigger a quake near Korumburra again.

1856 The very first secret ballot in the whole wide world happened in Victoria because the pollies had Secret Mens Business to deal with.

Floods, fires, earthquakes....I'm betting the Anti-Christ is about to be pupped in either Korumburra....or the illustrious Poowong.
No, chicks becoming farmers in Poowong are not the Anti-Christ, Uncle Mergatroid and yes, females are allowed out of the house these days....

1856 The Victorian Railways Department was created...and no, they weren't crocheting sardine cans with shoe-horns, why do you ask?

Poowong has a massive 4 tennis courts, 2 netball courts, indoor basketball stadium, footy oval and swimming pool!
What more could a slothful, non-sporty net geek like myself want in a town far from everything I hold dear?

1866 At the ripe old age of 20 years John Dunn danced his way into the great wide beyond at the end of a rope for taking up bushranging with Ben Hall as a career move.

Yep, I think it's obvious Poowong and I are not made for each other.
T'would be best for both parties to part ways now and never speak of this event ever again.

1904 The inaugural Henley-on-Yarra boating race was held in Melbourne, what-oh, to be won by the august Ballarat team.

Let's adopt the Poowong Footy Club this season and cheer them on...even if they're called The *cough* Magpies.
They have a nice black and white jersey off-set by a pair of basic black shorts and teamed with black socks that could win any finals, as evidenced by this YouTube video of the Poowong 3rds winning back in 2007.

1932 Big Jack Lang finally got his own way and officially opened the Coat Hanger aka Sydney Harbour Bridge after Francis de Groot had cantered over it on his trusty charger and slashed the fancy red ribbon with his handy-dandy sword.

Now that we've got the team colours sorted so they don't clash with any of our trusty fashions, the 1st round is on April 4 when Poowong go up against Koo Wee Rup, at Koo Wee Rup.
Make sure you save the site to favourites and check for any updates closer to the important day.


  1. I was a whole lot older than Feral Beast when I attempted my first university assignment and it was hell, quite frankly. You should be uber proud of him for completing it.

  2. If anyone wonders how wide spread internet usage is, surely the web address proves a point.

  3. I'm getting a whole lot older with the attempt, Anja LOL.
    And, yep, I certainly am :)

    Poowong Online is definitely online, Andrew lol.

  4. "The very first secret ballot in the whole wide world happened in Victoria..."

    Or so you've been led to believe...

  5. You're in on that Secret Mens Business stuff, aren't you, Brian?

  6. Can't stand secrety secret stuff me. It's usually just a by-word for elitist nonsense.

  7. Yeah, and the buggers haven't heard of bacon buttys, either!