Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rock me, Trivial Give me that kick now, History roll me, March 15, you can do magic, baby...

 Warning River - plenty of YouTube links today!
Who rocked on in front of the idiot box with Sound Relief concerts from the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) and Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) yesterday?
No? Missed it?
Oh, well,  you missed a farking bloody good time.
Dad was properly introduced to Coldplay. Thinks they're not too shabby.
I'm sure Chris Martin will be chuffed.
Says Paul Kelly is "bloody good" and personally thinks Crowded House are "going to go places".
Err, yep, Dad.
Anyways, he sat through the whole lot until fatigue hit him (I mean, geeze, he's 'only' 85!) and he was quite disappointed to miss Midnight Oil...with lead singer our Federal Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts .
Coz us Aussies can multi-task....rocking on stage while imitating a blank stone wall in politics.
(Dad managed to get up later and catch the last 2 Oil's songs. He approved).

 1844 The NZ Company was hit with debts and ceased its colonising efforts when , just like Split Enz, they saw red.

Speaking of which, during the song Red Symons walked across the stage, patting Tim Finn on the back.
Yes, Red, it's your Wiki entry again, get over it.

1877 The first cricket test between England and Or-stray-lia was played at the MCG with us colonials winning by 45 runs while the committee was agog with details of how many people they could cram into the grounds for a concert, in the pissing rain, for 10 hours.
And the public would still be smiling.

Augie March was another that grabbed Dad's liking, especially the song There Is No Such Place.

1901 The Historical Society of NSW (embellishing the decor with "Royal" later in 1918) held its first knees up, probably to discuss the wonderful acoustics of the SCG and what it would mean for rock bands in the future.

Coldplay was bloody good as was lead singer Chris Martin who displayed the most excellent sense of humour....though that might have been his good looks....who cares, he's hot!
Do I seriously have to include the link to the Wiki entry on who Chris Martin is?
Oh, well, here it is just in case someone lives under a rock.

1982 Christchurch City was declared a nuclear weapons free zone.....but don't tell 'em about Liam Finn's weapons with instruments.

Liam, son of Kiwi rock royalty Neil Finn, is a farking wicked muso.
As is his singing partner Eliza-Jane Barnes (daughter of Oz rock royalty Jimmy Barnes).
Now that we've played the Family Tree Game and 6 degrees of Oz/NZ rock separation, the Poms and Yanks are probably as confused as the penguins in the Melbourne aquarium.

2006 Liz the Corgie Fancier opened the 18th Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.
But Gabriella Cilmi wins the crown today, Liz.

Paul Kelly impressed Dad with his a capella song Meet Me In The Middle Of The Air.
No, Tripod didn't perform at Sound Relief but this is one of their great comedy songs HERE.
(Some of you males may know exactly what the lyrics mean?!)
And Eddie Perfect wasn't at Sound Relief, either. But this is one he prepared earlier HERE before he started starring in Shane Warne the musical.

And now I'm farking knackered and may sleep in till 7am.


  1. "Oh, well, you missed a farking bloody good time."

    I'll survive.

  2. Peter Garrett was fanfreakintastic and I've never been much into Coldplay before. I liked their music as it is lyrically and musically 'pleasant' but I shall listen to them in more detail now.

  3. I cannot tell a lie, I didn't watch it...mind you, I'm sure it will be replayed on Austar at least 50 times between now and the end of the month so I'm sure I will...
    Coldplay? Isn't their lead singer the one with Apple and Moses {or is it Noah??} that he and Gwynny popped out? They never did a lot for me, so I won't be heartbroken to miss that part...
    Been here for some time, as is my habit on Sunday morning, to read everything...only 3 cups of tea today, but now I need to pee!!!
    As always, good for a snile and laugh and today there was a guest post as a bonus...title of this post cracked me up BTW..bloody well thought out

  4. I caught bits and pieces on the Js while I was out and about - didn't even contemplate it might be on the box!!!

  5. Yes, I'm sure you will, Brian. Chris Martin will pine away for wont of your attention :P

    Garrett was good and I found the groove thang with Chris Martin and Coldplay with his humour, Anja :)

    There'll probably be a DVD out soon, Mo, to raise more funds, which we shall sell our first born offspring to raise $ to buy ;)

    Twas on pay tv, Jeanie, and very busy it was ;)

  6. What about Josh Pyke!! LOL.he is a great singer and a bit hot to boot.

  7. wow I would love to have gone to that concert, I don't think they are screening that here in NZ. You had some awesome acts there.