Friday, March 6, 2009

She'll be comin' round the March 6 mountain when she ha!

Did you know....
....that it's way past the witching hour when all good goblins have turned into pumpkins?
Guess what colour this little black duck is currently sporting?
Hint - it's not what you'd call Magenta.

Tis National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day in USA....and if you're like Feral Queen and dislike white choccy, tough luck that means all the more for piglet-me.
Just as soon as I can convince them that it's in their best interests to keep the giant female ogre fed...

1856 1855 The Riccarton Race Course was created.
Edit @ 5:10pm -Lisa did the back-breaking dirt digging and found it was 1 year out, 1855 not 1856.

Being frugal and watching the pennies all about the KISS principal - Keep It Simple, Stupid.
Don't buy a truckload of something just because it's on special.
And always compare the "special" price with the regular price, even if it means calculating the volume per dollar for each product.

1919 The War Service Homes Act of 1918 became operative.

You know, Snow White wasn't the poor put-upon shrinking violet the fairy tale made her out to be.
She was a shrieking fish wife dwarf bully who had the wickedest witch quaking in her boots until someone kindly shoved an apple down her craw.
And for that, we thank you.

1947 The NZ Symphony Orchestra debuted at the Wellington Town Hall.

It's something something o'clock and there's flying monkeys making off with my desk lamp.....

1963 Moe went from doing the Ugg boot shuffle to becoming a City.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Masquerade Pudding.
Pour 3.5 cups of milk into a double boiler (1 saucepan sitting in another filled with water will substitute).
Add 1/3 of a cup of Tapioca (yes, they do sell that in supermarkets. Try the baking aisle), 1/2 cup of sugar (yes, that's in the baking aisle, too) and a teeny pinch of salt.
Cook while stirring often for approx. 20 mins or until the Tapioca is clear.( go and look in the baking aisle again, it IS there, I tell you).
Take a small amount of the Tapioca (well try asking someone who works there, for pity's sake) and mix with the yolk of an egg, then pop it back into the double boiler mix, continuing to cook until the mixture thickens.
Take off the heat, toss in a teaspoon of vanilla.
Whip the remaining egg white into stiff peaks (stop that juvenile giggling and look for the damn Tapioca) then fold gently into the pudding and serve.

Too tired to go through the many lists, chronologies and Hatched,Matched and Dispatched for this date.
If I missed the birth of the narrow gauge steam engine for the proclamation of a town with a paddle boat churning up the biggest wharf in all of Christiandom while some land speed cow shearing record took place my eyeballs thank you for the matches and have a nice day.


  1. White or chocolate - I'll take it as long as someone makes it for me.

  2. Snow White was used as the spokesmodel for the soft drink

    '7 Up'

    Makes sense.

  3. "...there's flying monkeys making off with my desk lamp....."

    I don't think that's white chocolate you're eating.

  4. Jayne, where did you get that info about Riccarton being started as a racecourse in 1856? The Canterbury Jockey Club say they started racing there the year before, after forming the year before that, with racing known at Hagley Park on 16 December 1851. Just curious.

  5. Sounds like a plan, Elizabeth; you get the baking stuff out and I'll rope 'em in lol.

    Ooooooo I could be so rude, crude and slide straight into the gutter with that line, Anja, but I'll restrain myself :P

    Dorothy assured me Toto was happy to share, Brian.

    Thanks, Lisa :)
    I'll email you the link for you to go through and check the site out properly.
    It's not of use to anyone if it's buggered up the facts like a certain brekkie cereal page lol ;)

  6. You gonna share that chocolate? Sounds like good stuff by the look of those monkeys............ lol

  7. You can have my slice of the white chocolate cheesecake - so long as I can have any raspberries adorning it.

    I am an eat the garnish sort of girl with such sweets - and I am more than glad to no have white chocolate - even with any additives that could make flying monkeys take off with lamps.

  8. Once I read the words white chocolate cheesecake that was all I could think about. Although I did register the word 'pudding' in there...

  9. The more choccy, the merrier, B ;)

    You may have all the raspberries in the land, Jeanie ;)

    I'll make the Masquerade Pudding tonight and let you know how addictive it is, MD.
    So long as The Spouse remembers to buy the Tapioca....

  10. Tapioca also comes in Sago form, usually labelled seed tapioca, it's most often fon the lower shelves close to where the custard powders are kept.They're usually at eye level or a bit higher, you'll have to stoop down to get the tapioca. I love the stuff, but always buy the seed tapioca, it's the same stuff just smaller balls.

  11. That's the very stuff, River, beautiful and tasty and cheap!

  12. You can have my white chocolate cheesecake too.

    Give me dark chocolate any day.