Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ssssingle Ssssaturday Trivial Bed March 14 there aint no room for your sweet head History

 Yes, the aptly named Feral Queen aka SmittenKitteh rattled off a guest post for a bit of fun.
She has now been returned to the locked cupboard under the stairs.

It's National Potato Chip Day in USA.
The humble spud has come a'ways since someone kindly dropped it in the sour cream and onions.

Woohoo! 2 hours of Prisoner!! Oh noezz! Win falls victim to a vicious attack!! Was there any other kind in Prisoner? Watch the ad HERE.

1912 Geelong was dragged into the arcky-sparky age when electric trams began whizzing about her streets.

Ancient Foodland ad HERE ....I actually paid that same amount for bananas just the other day!

1932 A completely frivolous piece of garden equipment was unveiled by the Mayor of Sydney in Hyde Park when the Archibald Fountain, donated by The Bulletin founder J.F Archibald) was allowed to spray water anywhere it chose.

Hands up those who remember this annoying screechy child in this ad HERE.

1941 Having a propensity for sending young boys overseas to be killed and injured for the fights old men start, the same old men realised they needed to care for the broken young men on their return so thus the Heidelberg Military Hospital(re-branded Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital in 1947), like so many other things in wartime, was born in a sea of blood and bandages.

O Lordy...we shall not confirm nor deny if there happens to be a family member in this ad HERE.

1956 Scenting blood on the wounded public the Federal Govt upped the taxes on everything that sat still beer, spirits, cars, petrol, cigarettes and company tax.

I always fall over people BBQ-ing in random outback places demanding this ad HERE.

1980 Legendary Kiwi band Split Enz hit the top spot on their home turf with the album True Colours, which also hit the top of the Oz and Canadian charts.

Some Shirl's Neighbourhood bloopers with swearing mammals perhaps?

1984 Neighbourhood Watch was born in Victoria as a means to cut the rise in home burglaries.

Finally, a group of the unusual suspects carolling away to the woe of that crow....HERE.


  1. Mercifully, I don't remember the screechy child, though perhaps it was screened in NZ too. Is he an Aussie politician these days?

    Ah, but the Enz I well remember, including a concert at a venue in Wellington with the acoustics of a tin shed. Good times.

  2. I enjoyed the commercial. Maybe?

    I'm actually very confused about my feelings right now.

    I can't tell if I love or hate it.

  3. "...the aptly named Feral Queen aka SmittenKitteh rattled off a guest post for a bit of fun."

    Personally I rather enjoyed it. Sorry Jayne, you're sacked. SmittenKitteh can take over from now on.

  4. But she might never produce a link to a grocery ad so I can see that you pay a whole lot less for bananas (.69 cents a lb currently )

    So I vote we keep Jayne!

    Ants and honey indeed. Ungrateful child. She should have left you locked in a cafe with the very best desserts on the planet.

  5. I think he spruiks outside cut-price retail outlets and butchers on Saturday mornings, Kuaka lol.
    The Enz could make anything good ;)

    LOL Dina, it grew on fungus on a stone ;)

    PMSL Ta, Brian, I'll let her know, I'm sure she'll have some thoughts on that !

    Yes, Elizabeth, thank you!
    The cafe would be an excellent idea...although I'm still wondering where the penguins came from...

  6. I know where I want to stuff the soap - right down that kid's throat. Let's hear him try to screech "Lime Fresh" after that.

    He's probably some fat assed turd who watches internet porn, these days.

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  8. oh man potato chip, now thats what I am talking about, I love my potato chips. Prisoner was a core staple of my chilhood lunch breaks at intermediate school days

  9. I find your blog funny and educational, but I'm disappointed that your links all seem to be you-tubes. On a dial-up system they take about 40-45 minutes to load, which is a lot of time to wait to see about 2 minutes worth of video, so I don't watch them. But I'm still here, still reading.

  10. I was thinking another orifice might suffice for that screechy brat, Anja....

    She calls 'em as she sees 'em, Robert ;)

    Does it help that I was snacking on Smiths Crisps while I was typing that entry due to the power of suggestion, Janine lol.

    Hover your mouse over the links, River, and in the left hand side of the bottom task bar it will tell you if it's a Wiki or YouTube link before you click on it ;)