Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday, Trivial Bloody History Sunday March 29

Goodness me, it's Sunday again!
That means more blood, orgies, mayhem, scandal and murder on the idiot box tonight.
Gotta love those documentaries on the past Popes' lives!
(Why, yes, it is a tad warm and I will have the kettle on when I get thererazz)

Something's been nomming on this!
Made ya lookrazz
1878 The Aussie cricket team bon voyaged themselves as they sallied forth on the SS Sydney to tour England.

Awww, look, I've found the Poowong Cemetery...and a more picturesque cemetery you're not likely to find....!

1930 For some odd reason a jury in Perth found the station manager of Bedford Downs not guilty of the murder of 9 Aborigines as a reprisal for them killing and eating a bullock.

Some more pretty pics of Poowong's historic headstones.

1942 The day after he was released from prison Sydney Ross , career crim, convinced the NZ Govt that a Nazi sabotage cell had landed on Kiwi soil and was recruiting agents.
This later proved to be a hoax.

Poowong Branch......of ?????????
Send your answer on the back of a envelope addressed to yourself and don't forget to RSVP within 3 working days.

1964 Eleanor Nancy Gow was pupped.
You might know her better as Elle Macpherson.mrgreen

A fine and mighty happy snap to adorn any doorway...

1982 The Sydney Swans Footy Club played their first match in Sydney.biggrin

Go on, ride your pony into town to collect the mail and grab a pint of milk while you're there....maybe half a pound of butter wouldn't go astray....can you fit tuppence ha'penny worth of spuds in your saddle bags?

1985 The Singing Nun went to her final reward.twisted

The Poowong Footy Club doing a bit more than practicing!

1987 The West Coast Eagles made their debut in the VFL with a match at Subiaco Oval where they kicked the Richmond Tigers to the kerb 20.13.133 to 16.12.119.

Poowong Packhorse in speedy action!

2007 Bono, from U2, was knighted and his official title became *inhale* Knight Commander of The Most Excellent Order of The British Empire *exhale*.
Surely it would be easier just to give him a light sabre and call him God?!eek

And just to confuse you completely here's the pub that serves the absolutely best meals this side of the Black Stump - the Royal Hotel in Dunolly.


  1. You are such a tease. I checked the cemetery for any relatives. None of mine there.

  2. "Goodness me, it's Sunday again!"

    Not here it isn't. Still got the rest of bloody Saturday to endure yet.

  3. Oh, that's a shame Elizabeth lol ;)

    I'm previewing Sunday for you, Brian, and so far it's not too shabby.
    But avoid the 3am wake up from the dogs lol ;)

  4. It may be The Day Of Rest, but El Gow is hammering the weight training - great hair teeth and thigh bones will only get you to The Middle.

    and bloody Bonzo the Irish twerp accepting any order of the British effing Empire is a slap in the face to the rest of Free Eire.
    ... and fkU2 only have ONE decent song. one.

    I love cemeteries and love headstones - my favourite is in Ballarat Old Cemetery and has only 3 words
    'Dear little Alice'