Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Thursday Girl from Trivial Ipanema History Goes March Walking 5

Ok, there's a depression recession...should that be capital D R ?
Yes ? No? Don't give a fat rat's clacker?
I'll be throwing Grandma Mehitabel out with the bath-water and Great Aunt Hepzibah into the compost frugal, money saving ideas and recipes out there.
You may choose to catch them.
Or duck, weave and run screaming into the night.
It's your call.
And it's your shout for breakfast pizza.
Hmmmmm, breakfast pizza....bacon, eggs, cheese, fat, heart attack, triple by-pass....yum!

Start with the basics and don't over-whelm yourself.
Buy in bulk.
Find a grocery wholesale outlet and buy in bulk. 
NB. Some outlets ask that you bring your own containers to cut down on packaging, ring ahead to check.

1829 The last survivor of the Bounty mutiny, John Adams, started being very frugal when he stopped being a survivor and popped his clogs.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Frugal Marmalade.
Take 2 cups of orange peel and chop very finely, soaking them for 2-4 hours on a gentle simmer in 1 litre of water until thoroughly tender.
Add the juice of 2 lemons (lemon rind optional), then 850 gms of sugar.
Bring to a fast boil when the sugar is dissolved, then *test to see if it has reached setting point.
Let cool before spooning it into container.
*Do this test by sitting a clean saucer in the fridge for 30 mins, then dropping some marmalade onto it, sitting it back in the fridge for 5 mins then push it with your finger; if it wrinkles up, it's set.

1830 The Girls' War busted out, caused by, what else?!, a male with One Thing One His Mind.
This was one time they should have been miserly with their language, abuse and physical assaults.

Sorry, got distracted by Mark Williams' On The Rails. Brilliant series.
878 brick arches in the Greenwich line and 10,000 bricks laid per day...or so someone counted.
Now, where was I....?

1854 The St Vincent de Paul Society was established in The Land of Oz.
They're Frugal with a capital F.
And have fabulous bargains.

Learn to love Op Shopping.
You will find more bargains at your local op shop than you'll ever find at the chain retail stores that are cloned all over The Land of Oz.
A simple special gift for a little girl who likes to play tea parties or enjoys her Baby Cino could be a bone china tea cup and saucer set, costing only a few dollars but being something precious she can use.

2005 Prince Charlie began a tour of The Shaky Isles with the most *shocking* incident to happen was when 2 brazen hussies were uneconomical with themselves and  bared their boobs at him in protest after a mis-reported objection by the Prince to a topless Aborigine dance across The Ditch in Oz.

Go join your local library.
In fact, go join as many libraries around your home as you can.
You can hire games, DVD's, CD's, all many of things ( besides the usual suspect -books).
And it costs you nothing.


  1. Keep up with those economy tips, please, Jayne -- we've had the recession over here for a year, now. Any advice to help would be appreciated.

  2. "2 brazen hussies were uneconomical with themselves and bared their boobs at him..."

    That'd be Annie and Copperwitch. They get weird in the company of royalty.

  3. There's an Aussie version of the Girl from Ipanema:

    "Tall and tanned and young and lovely.
    The girl from Ipanema goes walking.
    And as she passes, each eye she catches goes...

  4. Recession sucks. All I see everyday is that word. At this rate we'll all be need straitjackets.LOL! Great post Jayne love the brazen hussies with ol' Prince Charlie there.LOL!

    Take care

  5. Thanks, Lisa.
    How about we all cut EVERY politicians' salary for a start? lol ;)

    Ahhh, yes! Thank you, Brian, I thought the crimson locks were familiar ;)

    You've been listening to potty mouth Kevin Bloody Wilson again, haven't you, Anja ? lol

    LOL, thanks, Liz. Yep, commonsense seems to have flown out the window with economic policies.

  6. Don't mention the recession!

    The marmalade recipe reminds me of the book I have just read - "Swindles" talking about food fraud over the last 300 years.

    At least we don't get plaster of paris in our lollies these days - although when one poor fool accidentally poured arsenic in by mistake it did change a few rules - and the concept of swill milk is truly a disgusting one.

    Peel marmalade sounds wonderfully nutricious by comparison.

  7. Buy in bulk-check
    Op shopping-check

    Guess I'm on the right track.

  8. Hi! I remember one politician recently saying that no ones job is safe! These are indeed worrying days. Perhaps not so much for me but for our young.

    Take Care,

  9. Sounds like extra roughage in our lollies, Jeanie lol.

    Good girl, River.

    Exactly, Peter, goodness knows what's in store now.

  10. Vinnies have been around that long? Cool.

  11. The city library is my favourite place in the city. Full stop.

  12. Yes and some unkind souls might say they're still flogging the original stock...but I won't mention it lol.

    I've meant to go explore there for ages, MD, but I keep getting distracted.

  13. We are starting to try out or local library again. Just hope I don't run up a fortune in fines once more.