Monday, March 30, 2009

Tie me trivial kangaroo history down, sport, tie me March 30 kangaroo down

Another Monday and someone, somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere is warbling badly to their shower tiles "I don't like Mondays" whilst weighing up the believability of calling in sick with a 24 hour Bubonic Plague after bragging all day Friday about having tickets to see The Who....

1870 Harry Redford (aka Captain Starlight) and 4 mates nicked 1,000 head of cattle and overlanded them 2,400 kms from Qld to South Oz opening up the Strzelecki Track.
Learn more about clever Harry HERE.

Pigeon lurve in the boneyard.

1930 The world was blessed with Wobble-board inventor Rolf Harris.
Yes, Brian, I said "blessed" not "blasted"....and now I can't quite remember why...eek

Top 5 excuses for not turning up to work -
5. Your Trekkie girlfriend is brewing Romulan ale in your bath-tub.

4.Oprah has a direct line to your brain and ordered that you Do.Not.Turn.Away from the tv.
3.Serial killer Dexter bought you a drink in a bar and you just KNOW he's out there waiting for you.

2.You fell asleep in the bath and have drastic prune skin that clashes with work uniform pleats.

1. Acute pash-rash from snogging Santa's reindeer at the Xmas party.

1967 The Gurindji People occupied part of Wave Hill Station in the NT in the first mass civil disobedience act.

1967 Fred Ladd was quite the lad when on his final day with Tourist Air Travel he flew his amphibian aircraft under the Auckland Bridge.
Read more about the daredevil Fred HERE.

Pressed metal ceiling on local shop verandah.

2008 Daylight Savings was extended for 1 week so everyone in NSW, Vic, Tassie, South Oz and the ACT could all have sleepy cows and faded wallpaper.

Spent the day wandering around the local cemetery (yes, they unshackle me from the kitchen occasionally) where I indulged in many photos but a great article on our local pioneer cemetery is over at One Little Detail.
The matching headstone to LiD's photo of the grave of the bloke who drowned in the Goulburn River; both young men drowned together and were buried side by side.

And before we forget....Poowong, Poowong, Poowong, Poowong!
Next Saturday Poowong Footy Club kicks off against Koo Wee Rup, so get down there for a wonderful day out in the beautiful countryside with fresh food, fresh air and very fresh footy!


  1. "1930 The world was blessed with Wobble-board inventor Rolf Harris."

    That's one in the eye for the anti-abortion league.

  2. Love Kev Carmody's song about Vincent Lingiari and Wave Hill -
    "from little things, big things grow".

  3. Poor Rolf :P

    Yes, it's a ripper of a song, FF.
    Gurindji Blues by Ted Egan is another good one ;)

  4. I LOVE Rolf. I bought the kids one of his Cds.

    We even sang Tie me Kangaroo Down at Playgroup one morning.

    Love the top 5 excuses too lol.

  5. I know - bloody daylight savings - I'm going to have to get my windows tinted to stop the carpet fading....tsk tsk!

    Ha ha ha!


  6. I love Rolf's older stuff, WS, just don't ever listen to his version of "I Touch Myself" it's creepy!

    LOL G, the cows will be able to forgo the sunscreen soon ;)

  7. ahhhhh in NZ last year they lenghtened daylight savings so we switch our clocks forward in a couple of weeks. Ahhh bless Rold Harris, we used to sing a few of his songs at school. My mum still has one of his LP, I loved his song of Two little boys.

  8. Love that song, Janine!
    The Spouse found Jake The Peg on 45 vinyl single recently in an op shop and had to have it lol.

  9. I went off Rolf when he started making programmes about vets. How anyone can consider watching animals in distress being put to sleep as entertainment is beyond me.

  10. "..Tan me hide when I'm dead Fred,
    Tan me hide when I'm dead.
    So we tanned his hide when he died Clyde,
    And that's it hanging on the shed.
    Altogether now,
    Tie me kangaroo down sport....

  11. Oh, haven't seen the show, Brian, didn't know they showed that sort of thing!

    Encore, River, encore!!!!

  12. Rolf did "I touch myself"? Gebus, I thought his "Stairway to Heaven" was bad enough.

  13. pash rash from reindeer........... someone likes christmas a little too much......... was that Kelley? lol

  14. Anja, we had hardened orgy fanatics calling up the radio station begging us not to play it again LOL.
    And of course we did :P

    It may have happened to Kelley, B, but I was thinking more along the lines of one of the In Laws lol.
    And a nurse who got caught in the paper supply cupboard at the old A****** Hosp many long years ago (no, not me) ;)