Friday, March 20, 2009

Today's post....

....shall be a teeny bit late.
The Spouse and SmittenKitteh aka Feral Queen dragged me out to eyeball the so-called orb weaver mother-fucker ginormous humongous what industrial strength chemicals did that thing get hit with spider they've been 'protecting' and allowing to take over the decking.
Whilst trying to show some interest in an 8 legged freak nomming on some dead insect, they found an even bigger one hanging off the standard Iceberg rose bush.
The Spouse assures me he's taken plenty of photos.
I might post one tomorrow.
Right after I get past the urge to whack everything, including my family members, with a broom.
But they'd probably enjoy it so I'll just scream quietly into my pillow....right after I've sprayed the room.


  1. I look forward to the photo.

  2. I'll look but only because I'm a long long long way away.

  3. "Whilst trying to show some interest in an 8 legged freak nomming on some dead insect..."

    That'd be the Spice Guys and their ex-manager then.

  4. Sorry...that should have read Spice Girls...although now that I come to look again...

  5. Enjoy, Dina and Elizabeth - safely, from your distance lol.

    Yep, they're pretty inter-changeable, Brian, just swap the clothes about and you'd never know any different.

  6. There will be pictures? I am excited.