Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Triumph Trivial Tuesday March History 10

Hello, you strange possum who felt the urge to search my site for "Kate Ritchie nude", sorry I wasn't able to oblige!Nor was I of much use for "puffing bell route", "Heildon Spa lost in Clayton", "photos of cattle transport" or "Ballarat tram tours in tinneburra qld".
Somehow I think you were slightly off course with that last one!
Now, just to get you all galloping back in here let's try a few words like gay, lesbian, Portia de Rossi, nude nuns, Hugh Jackman does Rio with Peter Allen, leather gimp Melbourne train drivers and masochistic whippers in black vinyl at Flinders Street Station.
Oooo I can hear the fevered emails being pecked out on the harried keyboard right this minute.
Indulged in my chimney fetish.
Doctors say I can do that occasionally.

241 BC The Romans did a happy camper war dance when they crushed the Carthaginians in a naval victory.
I suppose that put an end to their progressive dinner plans...?

I'll admit - it's a chimney that only a mother could love.

1794 Keeping in with the whipping theme, The Flogging Parson, Reverend Samuel Marsden rocked up to Port Jackson - let the whips and games begin!
Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
As an alternative gift for a family member, offer to dig over and plant out their vegetable patch with seedlings and fresh fertiliser, or offer to help set up a no-dig vegetable garden for them.

1869 The NZ Cross was created as those who served in the NZ Wars weren't eligible for the Victoria Cross.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Frugal Salmon Pasta and sauce.
Toss pasta into saucepan of water to boil.
In frying pan throw 1 finely chopped onion, 2 teaspoons of minced garlic and a dollop of oil, begin to sautee.
Finely chop cauliflower, broccoli, grate carrot, chop cabbage, seasoning of choice and whisk 1 egg. Toss into the frying pan qith 1 cup of water, let simmer.
Chop tomatoes, add.
Put lid on, let boil.
Remove lid, empty 1 tin of salmon into sauce, stir through.
When pasta is ready, drain and mix with sauce, serve in large bowl.

1907 The foundation stone for the Cashmere Sanatorium was laid.
Click to view photo HERE.

Aren't those curves sexy?
1908 Edgeworth David, Mawson and Shakleton trotted up Mt Erebus in Antarctica.
*snigger* Silk scarves are kinder to the skin.

 It's the care and attention to detail in the smallest of things, like chimneys, where you can see a builder has taken pride in his work.

1996 Taking his lead from the name of the Australian Grand Prix a massive prick nicked it from Adelaide and dumped it on the Victorian people where it ran for the first time at Albert Park.


  1. "Hello, you strange possum who felt the urge to search my site for "Kate Ritchie nude", sorry I wasn't able to oblige!"

    Ah well...it was worth a try, although actually I meant to type Shane Ritchie.

  2. you are feeling a little kinky today........

    Don't hurt me Mistress Cane!!

  3. I am wondering, could my dear Aunt Hepzibah come and give us a gift? I would appreciate that so much!!

    And how did you know it was March 10 when the Romans crused the Carthaginians navels?

  4. Brian, I have seen a pic of Kate Ritchie nude. It's so not worth it.

    Electrified dildo - just for your odd little search buddies. ;)

  5. Shane...Kate...they're all the same in the dark in the nude...or so I'm led to believe, Brian.

    Pass the tape and rubber thong, B :P

    I'd pack her off in a heartbeat but we're banned from posting dangerous items in the mail, Jeanie :P
    Because the Romans kept diaries and calenders and notches in their bedposts ;)

    Ohhh, how sweet, Anja, thank you!

  6. We have just got underbelly Mr Asia over here it started last week. I am looking forward to seeing Kate Richie and how she copes with real drama lol. And a chimney fetish you say.....well it sure keeps things interesting lol

  7. Haven't seen Underbelly in either of its forms yet, Janine lol.

  8. I quite like chimneys. They remind me of younger days sitting around the wood stove in the kitchen with cups of hot chocolate and pieces of bread on long toasting forks held towards the fire.

  9. Someone came to my blog after typing in "animals up the bum".
    What the???
    I found a very nice photo to illustrate.
    Wanna see?

  10. Yep, River, chimneys are good creatures we should pamper and look after for all the yummy goodness they give us ;)

    EEK! FF! EEK!
    The link didn't work but EEK! at the search term.