Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Trivial Lunatics Have Taken Over The History Asylum March 24

Today's entry is rather bland, tasteless and oh-so-very beige.
In fact I think you'd call it blogging bran, so dull it would clog up a drainpipe with cardboard.
So I've sprinkled some fairy dust amongst the parched facts.
Don't inhale if you can help it else you might start seeing green pixies and purple heffalumps.

Enjoyed watching the premier of The Stamp of Australia on the History channel last night.
I'm very impressed with Valda Knott who does anything, everything and has done so for more than 50 years!
Read more HERE on this wonderful woman and Aussie doco.

1796 Bass and Flinders did not find Lake Illawarra but instead fell over a noisy skinny dipping pool party.
They declined the invitation to join in due to their mortal fear of verdigris.

I got chatting with a Poowong Footy Club player today.
Seems the Poowong Loch Cricket Club has made it into the Grand Final W00T !!!
Better keep an eye on the cricket team, too, boys and girls!

1810 David Collins dropped off the perch rather suddenly...probably been over-doing the little blue "performance" pills again, randy bugger.

1902 Prof. Bickerton was turfed out of the University of Canterbury due to his socialist ideals and the fact he didn't think much of marriage * sarcastic gasp*.
I'm sure he would have joined in the Bass & Flinders skinny dipping party!

Word of the day is Teterrimous, which pretty much sums up the whole stinking world economy at this moment  = "most foul".
How many rooms can I book in Buckingham Palace for AU$50 ?

1927 The Feds parked their posteriors in Melbourne for the final time then they upped sticks to polish the seats of their suits in the p0rn capital of Oz, Canberra.

I wonder if anyone has answered the Twitter question "What are you doing?" with...
Sprinkling chocolate laxatives on my MIL's ice cream.
Re-training Paris Hilton's tiny dog to stop fearing the scrawny white meat.
Putting the gimp ball back in hubby's mouth.
Using the ex's vintage Playboy collection to line the budgie cage.
Finally wielding the whip like it was intended...


  1. Cricket as well. My my. Poowong sounds better and better all the time.
    *grin* I love it. You must be the towns #1 fan.

    And careful how you treat beige. I have some very nice beige walls in my home.

  2. Teterrimous: A russian computer game that involves stacking mice in a jam jar.

  3. LOL Ok Elizabeth, I tread warily with beige ;)
    The Spouse has put in a request with moi for a Poowong Polo shirt so I'll get a photo if and when we buy it ;)

    Ohhhhhh, I like the idea of that game, Brian!
    With the mice plague in Qld I can see this past-time taking off in a BIG way lol ;)

  4. Snort!!

    Oooh - and the first gem I got from the doco link was Scott McGregor presenting - swoon - I remember him!!

    In a history book of this region, there is tale of a postie who used to cover the 700 mile run on his pushbike - there were no roads - and would balance a pole across his shoulders if there was a lot of mail.

  5. Scott McGregor is often on the History channel, Jeanie, LOL.
    Gawd that's one dedicated postie !