Friday, March 13, 2009

Trivial Time History Machine March 13 sans Guy Pearce

Oh, looky here, tis another Friday the 13th, my aren't we a lucky bunch of superstitious little warlocks and wenches!
You can brush up on your Friday the 13th history HERE, learn about paraskevidekatriaphobia (yeah, I had to put my teeth in to say it, too) and all the stuffs and things that have been released on Friday the 13th somewhere in time HERE.

Head back in time and see a King of Pop flogging bread HERE.

Today is also Uranus Day (she says with gritted teeth to stop the hysterical giggles).
Because Sir William Herschel saw Uranus (stop it!!!) on this day in 1781.
See, they even made these dinky e-cards to send to people about Uranus.

C'mon, show your age and sing along with this old Amoco Petrol ad HERE.

1827 Sydney's general street lighting was turned on for the first time....and the populace said,
"Oh, goody, I can see the rabid kangaroos coming for me this time,".

Those freaked out flower kids were having a psychedelic nightmare in this ad HERE.

1956 The Kiwis finally won their first cricket victory against the West Indies at Eden Park.
Fantabulous photo of them HERE.

Who remembers Hugo and Holly from the original KFC ad (when it was known as Kentucky Fried Chicken) HERE?

1958 The last ever Aussie-built steam train went to work on the Brisvegas network.

Ever so slightly nutty, Spike Milligan was perfect in this ad HERE.

1985 "Neighbours....everybody needs gooood neighbours, with a little understanding..."
Yes, Jim Robinson moved his brood of offspring and entire street into our lounge rooms, without a by-your-leave I might add, and there the whole damn lot has taken root ever since.

Whatever happened to quality ads like this one HERE?


  1. Hi! I believe the Nuns at St Vincent's were highly superstitious at the time I was training, as not one bed had the number 13 above it. Perhaps the "Grey Nun", yes the hospital ghost, had something to do with it.

    Take Care,

  2. I could never understand how such a boring horror film could be given it's own special day.

  3. The "Hugo & Holly" ad seems to have been a Kiwi-Aussie collaboration. Animation by Hanna-Barbera studios in Aussie, song written and recorded by Sydneysider Groove Myers, but the project organised by Colenso over here. It's a favourite on the list of "selling NZ" ads from the 1970s. Some guff here.

    Used to sing the song in primary school, around 1974.

  4. funnily enough me and the hubby were talking with friends about Hugo and Holly about two weeks ago and we all sang the song lol. We even called KFC by its proper name Kentucky Fried Chicken....

  5. Crap. Now I have a taste for KFC.

    Not good when you're vegetarian.....

  6. I only saw that Kentucky F* Duck ad for the first time recently when the news had a "step back in time" moment.


  7. A couple of private hospitals I worked at never had a room 13, either, Peter.
    Ooooooo that Grey Nun gets around, got her here in various hosps in Melb, too, or her clones lol.

    It's shocking what can be achieved with publicity, Brian.
    Next you know there'll be a day devoted to Chocolate Rabbits...

    LOL Lisa - they were fortune tellers when you look at the rolly-polly kids ;)

    We're all showing our age here, Janine, lol.

    Mash some spud and make some gravy, Dina ;)

    Now you know why everyone lurved the Colonel, Jeanie.
    Or not lol.

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  9. I'm the only person I know who has a shortwave radio--I don't know why! Instead of reading before sleeping each morning, I listen to it! And I've been picking up Radio Australia for almost a year, now. In fact, it's the only station on my button-press tuner that's always in English! I learn quite a bit from ABC.

    I also have a pen pal in Merrickville, Sydney, with whom I've been corresponding for about fifteen years (though she ignores my e-mails--seems to prefer snail-mail, so I'd better write her a letter again soon).

    Anyway I've learned as much--if not more--Australian history from this one page of your blog, than from the either of the above!

    I think I could get addicted to it, if I'm not careful!