Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday Tickles Trivial March 3 History

Some blogs I've discovered of late are decadent in their wonderful photos and history they explore!
Canterbury Heritage is about Canterbury, New Zealand, with pics and tales that are fab.
Tasmania in Photographs shares excerpts of the history of the island state with much rich imagery.
The New Zealand Journal is great a lucky dip with a lovely surprise in each entry.
Girl in Melbourne shows a refreshing view of Melbourne to my somewhat jaded eyes.

Frogdancer from Dancing with Frogs is collecting books for a friends' son who, along with his family, lost everything in the recent bushfires. There is a list of books HERE with suggested titles for those who'd like to help out or you may prefer to send a book voucher.

CFA Volunteer is the blog of a, yes, a CFA Volunteer.
It makes for interesting reading and if you've been following him on Twitter you'll have seen some of the stark photos he's taken when having a 5 min break.

1799 Torrential rains broke the drought with the Hawkesbury River busting its banks and flooding the grain stores.
Typical; either feast or famine with the water in Oz!

The original clock in the Melbourne GPO was designed by the Govt Astronomer, Mr Ellery, and was knocked out by the Locomotive Workshops at Williamstown.

1842 On the corner of Elizabeth and Victoria Street (the site of the then Melbourne Cattle Market in fact but better known with this landmark) the fledgling The Agricultural and Pastoral Society of Australia Felix held its first show.....which was deemed a failure due to the lack of resources in such a young colony and another event was not held until 6 years later when farmers ran amok with ploughing races on the banks of the Moonee Ponds Creek.

Place Name Origin-
The town of Broke in NSW is not a description of the local bank account but was named after a friend of the explorer Mitchell, Sir Charles Broke Vere.

1911 Feeling like a change of pace, Palmerston became known as Darwin.

Kiwi Slanguage -
Crikey Dick = exclamation of surprise (I'm borrowing this one).

1939 The statue of Mr FitzGerald, in Rolleston Ave, had not been officially unveiled (due to conniptions and controversy)...so students held a prank unveiling.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Saucy Carrots.
Chop and steam carrots, then into another saucepan toss enough butter to choke a rat, seasonings to taste, 1 tablespoon of mustard, 1/4 cup honey and a pinch of rosemary.
Cook over a gentle heat until all ingredients are well mixed, then add the cooked carrots, heat through for several minutes then serve as a side dish with favourite meat.

1942 Japanese planes attacked Broome with the destruction of several aircraft including flying boats and 73 deaths, then the Japanese went on to bomb Wyndham.

NZ Place Name Origins -
New Munster was the South Island of NZ, dubbed in memory of the birth place of Captain William Hobson, then Governor of New Zealand.

1960 Popular Kiwi author Barry Crump's first book, A Good Keen Man, was published.

Aussie Slanguage-
Cow-Banging = working on a dairy farm.

1969 103 years of Morse Code on Victorian Railways came to an end with the final Morse Code transmission from Mildura to Melbourne on this day.
Message was probably something like "milk and two sugars stop and a couple of bikkies please stop ohhh some of that home made midera tea cake would go down a treat stop a foot rub would be nice, too stop I don't suppose your mother made scones again did she? stop jam and whipped cream would be delish stop hello? hello? HELLO????".

A nice sounding little NSW hamlet was that of Advance Australia, in the Goulburn region, which was grown approx. 3 kms north-west of Old Marulan, and disappeared almost at the same time as the town of Marulan shifted 2.5 kms north with the building of the railroad.


  1. I could easily get lost in those 3 sites. Good ones!

    Thyme is also a good herb with carrots.

  2. Grandma M is back

    ::Happy Dance::

    I missed her :)

    Love the sites you linked to. Thank you.

  3. Thanks, Elizabeth :)

    LOL I'll let her know, Marita ;)

  4. "Saucy Carrots."

    I was worried for a moment there that you were going to reproduce Mrs Beaton's original unexpurgated recipe.

  5. Could someone tell me exactly how much butter is needed to choke a rat?

  6. Should have seen it before I cleaned it up to a PG rating, Brian!

    A lot more than 1 mere bovine can produce inside a month of Sundays, Anja ;)

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  9. Ommm, Robert - ommmm.

    I always thought that was cow-poking, Jayne - all ends up the same in translation, though, doesn't it?

  10. LMFAO Robert!
    Yes, Williamstown.
    No, not annoyed.
    Damn, was hoping the book was going to feature Laura Ashley designs with lots of tulle, silk, ruffles, beadwork and lace.
    Your dad wasn't alone in his "liberating" activities at Jolimont, so I've heard.

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  13. Great sites, Jayne... has anyone ever told you you've excellent taste?

  14. I'll lend you mine, Robert, there's plenty to go around!
    Yes, I heard of one chap who kitted out a "cave" for himself with video player, tv, beer-filled bar fridge, the works, hidden from prying inspectors eyes, of course.

    Thank you, MD ! :)

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  17. Sometimes it's good to have memories resurface, like an unexpected visit from a long-lost friend, Robert.

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