Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wait...don't tell me, I'll get it's Boxing Day...right?

Obviously knowing that nothing happened on this date in history The Powers conspired to distract us all in Melbourne with an earthquake last night.
Jumped straight on to Twitter and within 10 mins we knew where it had happened, how large it was and who felt what where....5 mins after that the mainstream media FINALLY reported "a tremor" but no details.
Knock yourselves out with the maps and details of all our many recent earthquakes and whatsits HERE, HERE and HERE.
Camping in doorways looks good to me!

1836 Robert Hoddle, playing at being a Surveyor General, laid out the streets of Melbourne.
Although Melbourne has never yet kissed and told.

The Grace of the Poor -
Heavenly Father bless us,
And keep us all alive;
There's ten of us for dinner
And not enough for five.

1901 The final report of the Royal Commission on State Forests and Timber Reserves was handed in; fire protection in country areas, the measures needed to be taken to prevent careless use of fire or the spread of fire on both public and private land

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Butter Balloons.
With a saucepan on a medium flame, bring 1 cup of water to the boil, toss in 1 tablespoon of butter, beat in 1 cup of flour until thoroughly mixed.
Remove from the heat and beat in 3 eggs one at a time. Let cool.
When ready to cook heat a frying pan with oil (of choice) and drop a spoonful into the pan - the batter will puff up into hollow balls and roll around in the oil saving you from turning them.
Serve with castor sugar and lemon juice.

1907 A fire at the Elwood Tram Depot, for the St Kilda to Brighton Beach tramline,  destroyed the 17 cars which made up Victorian Railways tram fleet.

If you need to cut back or stop your gym membership due to a tight budget, don't despair.
Search for a neighbourhood community centre and enquire about walking/exercise groups; these are usually a tiny fraction of the cost of a gym membership and you'll find plenty of encouragement from other members.

1936 The Boat Train service began, a direct train service from Flinders Street Station to Port Melbourne Pier.

Brain is beginning to rebel against demands for it to work.
We are 100% Snafu.

1977 Liz and Phil popped in for a cuppa and scones tour to celebrate her 25 years on the throne.
Bit of added fibre in her diet and we'd have had her off there a long time ago....

Made the Masquerade Pudding from yesterday's recipe - velvety bliss on the tongue!
And now I shall face plant the keyboardzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. "If you need to cut back or stop your gym membership due to a tight budget, don't despair."

    Try walking to the gym instead, turning round when you reach the front door and walking home again. Just as much exercise, but it costs bugger all.

  2. Earthquakes here in Auckland are as weird as those in Melbourne, I'd guess, due to rarity apart from the usual background-noise tremors (yes, I know I live on the islands cut through by two tectonic plates, and in a city on a volcanic field!). Couple of years back, one hit here, shaking the house like a gentle terrier before letting go. Freaky feeling.

  3. wow at the earthquake, Victoria is having a rough time of it lately. As casual and offhand as this is, we get tremors all the time in Welly and I can tell you its not my thing. Todays recipe sounds interesting I think children would love to see this one in action.

  4. Butter Balloons sound sinful. I like sin. :)

  5. Ooooooooo, see? You can find your inner sensible, Brian!
    And that scares me silly....!

    It was weird, Lisa, in that it stopped, then a second one started or the original decided it still had some oomph in it lol.

    Someone said the fault line that runs through Melbourne was inactive, Janine.
    I say someone told a porky lol!

    It does sounds sinfully delish, Anja and Janine, like puffed up pancakes.
    I shall make them tonight and try to remember to take photos.

  6. I'm so annoyed that I didn't feel the earth move last night (because of the quake, people!). I was at Moomba - I guess there was just too much noise and activity to notice. And no teacups to rattle in their saucers.

    Can't wait to have a crack at the butter balloons recipe. Ya gotta love puffy food.

  7. Apparently, people in Ararat felt the earthquake.
    How come I didn't feel a thing?

  8. i feel a bit cheated. The earthquake was felt in suburbs all around me but I didn't notice any of it.

  9. You only missed a few wobbly coffee cups and an almost-teetering shelf of knick-knacks, Jayne & FF & TVAndrew...nothing earth-shattering at all ! ;)

  10. For those who can't walk on our badly maintained footpaths there are walking groups run by the YMCA that meet at Greensborough Plaza and at Epping Plaza in the early hours of the morning. No more walking being canceled due to bad weather or tripping over rubbish or dog poo on the footpath.