Monday, March 2, 2009

Warning ahead of Tuesday March 3

Hopefully tomorrow will result in nothing much but as there are weather warnings of high gale force winds some precautions wouldn't go astray.

Stock up on batteries.
Stock up on battery-powered/crank/dynamo-powered radios.
Stock up on bottled water, fill an esky (chilly bin) with ice in the morning for food in case power to the fridge fails.
DO NOT bring a BBQ indoors.
If you lose cooking facilities, turn gas off at the gas metre or at the LPG bottle.
Find the phone number of your power supplier and keep it handy.
Ensure mobile phones are fully charged tonight.
Arrange for elderly family members to have someone with them.
Organise meals/food that does not need to be cooked.
Stay tuned to 774 ABC Melbourne for all updates.

If you are in the emergency services, please take care and thank you very much for your hard work, you are appreciated.


  1. Thanks for the info Jayne. It looks alright outside at the minute though...

  2. F*** Brian. I nearly accidentally spat my cardy chardy out. Especially so as I was looking at your tram snow plough today.

  3. I really, really hope it's all o.k.


  4. PMSL Brian, you're a danger! lol

    Napkin, Andrew?

    Fingers crossed, G.

  5. Thanks for this warning. Everything is fine till this second. I hope nothing will happen as you expect,anyway My mobile will be fully charged for any emergency if at all...

  6. Do NOT bring BBQ indoors? Damn, should have read this yesterday....