Sunday, March 15, 2009

Where Jayne unveils an Aussie rock icon, who masquerades as a Federal Politician,to be a nekkid Emperor

Peter Garrett.
What can we say.
The passion is certainly not dead as evidenced on stage at the Sound Relief concert yesterday.
The bizarre, alien dance moves were happenin', the harmonica was wailing, the sweat was pouring off him...watching the energy he put into his performance made me feel exhausted.
So, where's his energy for the environment, heritage and the arts disappeared to now that he's a pollie?
Or is he playing at being the Work Experience boy and waiting for someone to send him out for the lunches?
Under his rubbery stampage the unwanted, unrealistic North-South pipeline, the unwanted, unrealistic desal plant, the unwanted, unrealistic closure of the Australian National Academy of Music and God knows how many other ballsed up dogs dinners have been achieved.
North-South pipeline takes water from a fragile, water-starved environment just so the townsfolk of Melbourne can flush their usual crap.

The desal plant is to be built on a fragile shoreline close to a virtual minefield of dinosaur fossils currently being excavated just so the townsfolk of Melbourne can flush their usual crap.
Closure of the music academy - if it aint broke, don't fix it, sunshine.
But Garrett sits like a stunned plover in parliament, playing all 3 of the wise monkeys - sees nothing, hears nothing and says nothing on the very subjects he's been passionate about for years and for which he now stands - Federal Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts.
A great huge, hulking, intelligent presence like his is reduced to being a suit shining his arse on a seat somewhere, no passion peeking out, no concern, nothing of his lyrics and beliefs poured into any of his decisions.
The greater musician, Kevvy, played him like a fine violin by having him on his ticket for '07 to win street cred with the populace.
And here endeth the lesson with the emperor wearing no clothes.


  1. *applause*


    Politics must be a hard game - but dammit, I think most aussies want some bloody honesty.

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  5. I guess he's finding out that its much tougher to *do* something than *complain* about something.

  6. Jayne - Got to agree with you on the concert. Garrett was great but did not quite hit the full limits on a few notes. He was also blowing pretty hard by the end of it.

    As for the N-S pipeline I have to disagree with you there. The pipe can only take water once savings are achieved in the irrigation areas of Northern victoria. The savings that are achieved and are being paid for by Melbourne Water are split 3 equal ways:
    1. environmental flows
    2. extra water for farmers and
    3. water for Melbourne via N-S pipeline.

  7. Yeah, there were a few notes he couldn't reach but he did a much better job than the tsunami concert(probably the 2 practice concerts in Canberra helped).

    We'll have to agree to disagree on the N-S pipeline, DB, lol.
    Irrigators have paid quite a bit towards the upkeep and maintenance of the irrigation channels over the decades,(not including their irrigation fees) so technically the money has come from the landowners, not Melb Water to upgrade/cover the channels, etc.
    Regardless of what savings are going where, Melb should be harvesting the storm water that washes out to sea before taking water from any other community/environment.

  8. Jayne - I used to work for G-MW and was closely involved in where the money came from and where it was spent.

    G-MW has been a govt coroporation for years and has less direct links to govt than what Melbourne Water do. They set their own budgets and prices and revocer costs to maintain and update assets.

    The current spending being put into efficiency gains and updating a lot of infrastructure is not coming from the irrigators. There is no way in the current drought they could afford to fund it.

    That aside I agree we could do better in recycling water from local catchments like Dandenong Creek.