Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wombling Wednesday March 4

Grandma Mehitabel has been dug up dragged out of her nursing home brought out of retirement due to overwhelming demand Marita doin' the happy dance over Saucy Carrots.
You think that was magic, you should hang around to see what she does with pumpkin peelings.
No, seriously, you'll have to hang around awhile she's forgotten where she put them...

1853 The Mary Anne became the first steamship plying the muddy waters of the Murray River.

Indulge all of your senses with the Fitzroyalty blog where history is dripping with breakfast pizza (yes and I think we should make THAT the official food of Twitter!), architecture and all things good.

1855 James McKenzie, legendary Kiwi sheep duffer, was caught red handed with 1,000 woolly backs that weren't exactly his own property.

Yes, more Twitter stuffs with the discovery of the Wessex Archaeology blog Time Travelling By Water   @wessexarch....The Museum of English Rural Life   @MERLReading....The V&A     @V&A....Bletchley Park Trust   @bletchleypark....The Wedgwood Museum   @Wedgwood_Museum...
And shed-loads more (especially archaeologists for some reason) to be met, found, tripped over and discovered on that shocking networking thing...

1909 Te Wai Pounamu Maori Girls College was established in a former vicarage in Ohoka, being a residential school for young Maori women, before it was moved to Christchurch in 1926.

Interesting article, drawn to my attention by one of the history Twitter comments, involving English Heritage and... fireplaces...?! HERE

1954 History was made when QE2 climbed aboard the Royal Train at Spencer Street Station, Melbourne, and began tootling all over Victoria to places far and wide...some of which no longer have a train station or even remember having had one tethered in the main street.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu -
Home-made flavourings *gasp*.
When one has run out of the delicious chemical-laden artificial flavourings our children crave one may resort to dreadfully old fashioned tactics and make some from nature!!!
Grated orange or lemon rind, boiled rose hips, kiwi fruit, banana, even *horror* real berries for berry flavouring.
I know, it seems like it's asking just too much but when one is stuck, one may have to resort to using actual food!

1957 Those Powers That Be were back to sticking noses into pies that didn't concern them, IE closing down railway lines vitally needed by the public.
This time it was the Birregurra to Forrest line that copped it in the neck.

Oz Place Name Origin -
Belgrave does not mean "small steam train nesting site" in some obscure language, but was named after Belgrave House, which is parked on the corner of Belgrave and Dandy Rds, Malvern.
Yes, the road was named after the house, too, and was named after the owners' estate back in Leicestershire, England.

1977 The Antarctic Centre in The Hundredth Anniversary Wing of the Canterbury Museum was declared open by the Duke of Edinburgh....according to "official" documents...when Phil was probably off chatting up a cream cake and a pot of tea.

Kiwi Slanguage-
Some things transverse The Ditch and The Long Drop is certainly one of them lol.
Long Drop = outdoor dunny built over a hole in the ground, usually an old mine shaft.

1978 That gorgeous tall ship project I wouldn't mind pottering about with in my bath, the Polly Woodside, officially opened on the southern side of the Yarra River.

And so I shall end with a reminder for those with Foxtel that Cities of The Underworld have an episode based on the Glenbrook Tunnel in Sydney on Monday March 9, 8.30pm History Channel.
On  Monday March 23, 7.30 pm History Channel is the world premiere of The Stamp of Australia, with part 2 the following Monday, 30th March.


  1. When I become the Fat Controller, can I use the Royal Train to get about in?

  2. Wessex Archaeology...that's who Fiona was excavating with last summer. No idea why she wasn't excavating with Wyre Archaeology. No idea where her priorities lie that one.

  3. Abso-farking-lutely, DrewAn ;)

    It's Phil's short shorts, Brian :P

  4. Noooo...even Fiona has a modicum of taste. And she certainly isn't blind.

  5. Tsk,tsk, can't believe what I let slip earlier...shall have to wash my own mouth out with soap.

    Well, I know it's not Tony's looks that lured her from you, Brian!

  6. Passed by Belgrave House today. Solid impressive building. Thanks for the background Jayne. Very interesting what comes from an English estate.

  7. Pity it doesn't have its original 14 acres and glass conservatory, but it's still a good 'un ;)

  8. I've got a real lemon sliced up in my slow cooker with a bunch of water. Left it on low for a couple of hours over 3 days now and the house is a lovely lemon scent. Sure beats expensive fake air fresheners. Similar sort of idea to using real food as a flavouring.