Thursday, April 9, 2009

Another archaeology our driveway

Yes, apparently Feral Beast has decided the almost-last-out-of-the-way-piece-of-soil he can access is to be dug.
But I reminded him that he had to use the context activity sheets Brian had mentioned.
And the laser level.
And to sieve the tailings (*sigh* looks like I'll be shopping for a new kitchen sieve again).
And while he won't be ducking and weaving Brian's savage bovines he will be playing the Limbo game with the blackberry bush from the next door neighbours (who don't want to use nasty chemicals on the farker so I'll probably rip it out with my bare hands sometime soon and shove it where their Solar-Sun God really doesn't shine and show them how effective albow grease can really be mrgreen)
So now I've had to take over the online hunt for free context activity sheets coz "The Re-Inventors and Zoo Days Are On, much important edu-ma-cay-shunal stuffs, Mother!!!".

But I shall have the last laugh....there's only so much dirt to delve in the driveway and I can directly supervise from the kitchen window.


  1. Quite an industrious man you have there! You are so blessed to have him! As for using the kitchen sieve, I hadn't thought of that one. Thanks for the tip!

    Take Care,

  2. at Mitre 10 or Garden Centres wherever
    there are large round sturdy plastic garden sieves ... about $12

    Isnt it wonderful to get handy hints from Lord Hughes so far away.
    Bless his subterranean heart.

  3. Search no further.

    And don't forget, he needs to accurately map the area before excavation (preferably with close contours), diagram a walk-thru, take some aerial photographs (you might have to climb on the roof for that), photograph, draw-up and record everything thoroughly, (placing each trench on the survey using trigonometry), pay close attention to the strata, and keep his small finds in separate labelled 'freezer' bags. Oh...and write up a full report on the excavation afterwards.

  4. p.s. You don't want a kitchen need a proper riddle. (And not of the Cockney Rhyming slang variety.)

  5. When he's bringing long-dead animal bones into the kitchen whilst I'm cooking food and trailing weird and wonderful insects about his person into his bedroom, "blessed" is not exactly the way I'd feel, Peter LOL.

    Brian ranks up higher than Phil, y'know, Brownie, according to FB (and it's nothing to do with those shorts, either lol).

    Oh, thank you, Brian!
    His Lordship shall be very happy now :)
    And then he'll do his monkey tricks up a ladder with the digital camera and tape measure and his mother will have conniptions until he's back on solid ground with sketch book before digging his way to China ;)
    I'll send The Spouse out to the shed to make a riddle (those big hanging-off-a-frame jobbies?) - keeps him out from under my feet for half an hour ;)

  6. Jayne,

    I suspect a swinging seive on a frame might be a bit much for the front yard...I was thinking more along the lines of one of these.

  7. Ahhhh, thanks, Brian.
    I notice it doesn't come with its own Charlie Dimmock...?

  8. Archaeology is his career choice then? I bet he loves to watch Time Team with all the digs they do.

  9. Archaeology and paleontology, River and yep, he loves the Time Team tv series lol.