Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another Trivial One Bites The History Dust April 1

Yeah, yeah, it's April Fools Day and there'll be dozens of silly stories and hoaxes on radio stations, newspapers, word of mouth and on the net *looks at Andrew*
Have fun sorting out what's real and what isn't, boys and girls!

It's St Stupid's Day!!!!

1788 Some time during this month dingoes gave up their date with Tom Cruise for a roast lamb dinner of 1 ewe and 5 lambs at Farm Cove.
Pass the mint sauce...

1857 The ship Sea Bell was wrecked off the coast of Fraser Island with the survivors, a woman and 2 children, not rescued for two years.
And they say women make men wait for hours....!

1885 Trains between Adelaide to Victor Harbour began chugging along with steam.

1886 Fairy tale of the day, boys and girls, is how once upon a time people could travel by train from Melton to Pawan station!

1897 Jandamarra, the Aboriginal warrior who led one of the very few insurrections against the European settlers, was killed on this day.

1912 The famous white dolphin, Pelorus Jack, was last sighted some time during this month.

1915 The regular-as-bran electricity supply from Lake Coleridge began lighting up Christchurch.

1938 A new Aboriginal-based monthly newspaper began publication in Sydney called Abo Call.

1944 The Platina to Walhalla railway line was closed.

1965 Tasman Empire Airways Limited (TEAL) morphed into Air New Zealand Limited.

1987 New Zealand State-Owned Enterprises came into being.
Click HERE for more info.

2001 The world's first legal same sex marriage was toasted in the Netherlands.
Oh look.
The world didn't turn gay.


  1. April Fools Day.

    Please don't tell me that Jade Goody isn't really dead...

  2. The world hasn't turned gay....YET.

    I feel myself slowly transforming.

  3. Wow that Tom Cruise ad is a blast from the past, I'd totally forgotten about it.

  4. You didn't click on the link to St Stupid's Day, did you, Brian ? lol :P

    And Rainbow is definitely your colour, Dina ;)

    Sadly, Marita, I hadn't lol.

  5. Interesting on Pelorus Jack Jayne. There were a couple of newspaper articles reckoning he was a goose beaked whale (Cuvier's Whale) and on the State Owned Enterprises oh I remember that too well. Then the sods sold off half of our country to the American Corporates the beggars. Happy April fools day and I have a cartoon coming up of how those Maruspial Sods that dance on your thunderbox made it here to NZ. That'll be my next post.

    Take care of yourself and I hope those bush fires have calmed down some for you guys.


  6. Jayne, I forgot it was April 1. I will repost it with another date, or else everyone will think it is not true.

    I just took a run through of the stations on the Walhalla. Never heard of most of them.

  7. I totally missed it was April Fool's Day. Bugger, the mischief I could have let loose. *sobs*

  8. Tom Cruise is THAT old? hmmm well that explains a few things......... lol

  9. The (main) fires are out, thanks Liz, and I'll look forward to your possum pie ingredients article lol ;)

    LOL You goose, Andrew, I was referring to your April Fools' Day hoax on us all last year :P

    Damn, Anonymous, that's a shame - a whole year of pay backs wasted! :P

    Can you imagine what his Dorian Grey portrait looks like, B ? lol