Saturday, April 25, 2009

ANZAC Day April 25

 Watched an old ep of Midsomer Murders last night that I hadn't seen first time round....only to get called away during the final 15 mins !!!!!!!
There were that many turning their toes up (even a copper) I was waiting for Internal Investigations to tap Tom Barnaby on the shoulder and begin questioning him about misappropriating the pub drink funds for the new patio under which he'd probably hidden more bodies...
(Maybe that was too Fred and Rosemary West-ish? How about barrells filled with bodies instead of water? No, too Snowtown-ish ? Hearths ? Baths? Lime pits? Local doctors? Bugger it, at least there wasn't a rogue stingray doing anyone in.....)
The Spouse told me what happened but when it's relayed in a monotone by someone struggling to keep their eyes open and not to snore it's a tad difficult to grasp the finer points and sorta takes the shine off it.
So I started digging in the the dark....

Don't forget to check out the Legacy fundraiser Raise a Glass Appeal.

 Found another great site with songs from WW1 HERE.

1915 The NZ portion of the ANZAC Corps landed at Gallipoli with more than half of the 8,500 who served there dying from illness, wounds or killed outright.
For the Guide to ANZAC Day for NZers click HERE.

1915 The Aussies landed at Gallipoli and proceeded to bloody the sands of that cursed beach.
For an intro to ANZAC Day click HERE.

1916 ANZAC Day was observed for the first time to remember the fallen while the dismal butchery continued.

1925 The Australian War Memorial was established in Canberra in recognition of the fact that the country had lost a whole generation of their brightest future in a useless bloody slaughter.

1935 While a recently caught shark was on show at the Coogee Aquarium it coughed up a man's arm, later identified as belonging to a former boxer, James Smith, who was, it turned out, missing.
And it was repeated almost 67 years to the day when THIS HAPPENED.
Extra chunky....

1977 The Bridge of Remembrance, in Christchurch, became a pedestrian area.

1986 The 11th (and final) National Conference of Lesbians and Gay Men was held at the NSW University.

2009 The Auckland Museum War Memorial will be open after the dawn service.


  1. Inspector Barnaby did it. He must have done. There are far too many murders in his neck of the woods to be anybody else really. I'm surprised nobody else in the policeforce has realised this yet.

  2. Are you watching UKTV as well? I like that channel. Haven't watched the MS Murders in a while just too much to do. Yeah I remember the stuff about the arm being coughed up by the shark..yuk.

    Lest we forget those who served in all the wars.

    Have a good one Jayne

  3. Just a little thing: our museum's official name is Auckland War Memorial Museum. Some folks a few years back tried to just call it Auckland Museum, but there was a hue and cry (and I agree with those who declared nay). Carved into the facade all around the exterior are the names of battlefields where NZ troops fought.

    Odd fact: it would have been a memorial of sorts long before its 1920s construction, back in the 1860s when a Colonel Nixon died and his friends and comrades asked the Domain Board if they could put a memorial to him on Observatory Hill. The Board said nay, so the Nixon memorial is in Otahuhu today. The Board didn't want the Domain's highest point taken up by a memorial. Today -- it is.

  4. "Lest we forget".....One thing I noticed when I was studying last year and we had to do an assignment on nz childs lit (we chose the theme of ANZAC), one theme we picked up on is that there are more books being published for children on ANZAC day compared to 10 years ago.

  5. Since I can't march this year, it's the firt year I won't be hibbledy hobbleing along with my family. And I worked out - if the bloody government had given us a bloody public holiday for ANZAC day this year the bloody accident would not have happened and I would not have a bloody sqooshed foot.



  6. I'm certain his missus Joyce covers for him half the time, Brian!

    Lark Rise to Candleford has gripped us all on UKTV, Liz, lol, as well as the all the other usual suspects.

    Funny thing, Lisa ; I started to type Auckland War Memorial Museum but when I tried to check the name on Google it stated "Auckland Museum", which didn't sound right to me but that's what I went with.

    They've woken up to the fact that the blokes are disappearing fast, Janine, and won't be here to tell it straight from the horses' mouth.
    Found this ANZAC kids story written by one who was at the landings.

    Fair enough, Rhubarb!

  7. "I started to type Auckland War Memorial Museum but when I tried to check the name on Google it stated "Auckland Museum", which didn't sound right to me but that's what I went with."

    No worries, Jayne. "" is what their online domain goes by. Their website, though, is headed up with the full correct name.

    Yet another way we dastardly Aucklanders aim to trip up unsuspecting Aussies ... ;)

  8. Ahhh, now I didn't go to their Home page (as I should have done), I was looking for the ANZAC Day 2009 events,services, etc, which starts off with
    "Auckland Museum was built as a memorial...".
    Just to be difficult and confusing lol.

  9. Learned last night that one of the villages near us isn't going to be running ANZAC marches anymore - this years was the last. There just isn't enough of them left that are up to organizing it anymore.


  10. That's a damn shame, B :(
    If there's no one to march then no one remembers those who died.