Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cheer, cheer the red and the white, trivial honour the name by history day and by April 15 night....

Someone forgot to tell the other programmer that there wasn't any matches on throughout the Easter weekend...apparently.
Even though it clearly states HERE that round 2 would take place on April 11.
Fear not, good Poowong enthusiasts!
This simply means the MIGHTY Magpies have an extra week of training to trounce Catani with the home ground advantage of the MIGHTY Poowong Maggies!!!!

1838 William Watts took one look at the Yarra River and the thought sprung to his mind,
"By, gum, now there's a body of water so thick with muck a person could walk on it,"
But he got a tad wet when he tried it so he launched the first punt (I said "Punt"..."PUNT"...for goodness sake The.Letter.Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...clean your ears out!).
Anyway Billy boy set sail in the first PUNT on the Yarra River.

1868 The very first two Maori MP's were voted into Parliament, Frederick Russell and Tareha Te Moananui, were elected totally unopposed.

1885 The first sod of soil was dug for the North Island Main Trunk Railway line.
Toot, toot and put yer backs into it!

1903 Bendigo began running electric trams.
Yes, twice around the greyhound track every day and thrice on Sundays.
(Hmm. Haven't used the word thrice for awhile, I may air it out in public....I'm thinking out loud again, aren't I?).

1985 The Wellington Town Hall played host to a rather raucus anti-law reform meeting with an audience of 1,000, more than 600 of them happy, cheerful and Gay.
Oh and LBT, too.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Healthy Home made Baked Beans.
Take 1 large tin of Four/Five Bean mix (or dried beans will do), toss into a pot with an uber-large tin of diced tomatoes (or the end-of-season glut of toms from the garden will do nicely).
Toss in a generous handful of mixed herbs, crack some pepper over the pot, some diced ham/bacon, garlic to taste, some spring onions (regular make-you-cry-like-a-baby onions will substitute).
Burble away on a low heat, stirring often, then serve on toast.


  1. May well give the baked beans recipe a shot and surprise partner.

  2. "Oh and LBT, too."

    I'm confused. They were lettuce, bacon and tomato?

  3. I thought you were making an ARL reference with your PUNT comment. D'uh, very early morning here.

  4. It's tres yummy, Andrew, even had the Tribe backing up for seconds and thirds.

    I knew the moment I typed those 3 letters that someone would try that,Brian lol.

    ARL, Jeanie?
    Aussie Rugby League?
    Now you're really being filthy :P

  5. Erk beans! (Although I do like Brian's version of LBT!)

  6. Heidi is really into tinned baked beans recently. I wonder if she'd like them as much if I made them myself. Might have to try and see. Would certainly save $'s if I used dried beans.

  7. LOL Rhubarb :P

    They do work out very cheap, Marita, especially if you buy them at the Asian grocery shops ;)

  8. I am a baked bean girl more so than a worm girl (aka spaghetti)and I have to say that recipe sounded good.

  9. I likes it when you think out loud

  10. Thanks, it's delish on a Wintery day, Janine ;)

    Yay, the Mistress is back in the land of the interwebs! ;)