Friday, April 10, 2009

Driveway Dig beginnings

This is why budding archaeologists should always suss out the lay of the land and make sure they're not over-looked by kitchen which their horrid mothers may lurk to take surreptitious happy snaps to share on the net.
See, he's documenting properly and taking lots of photos of each stage (as he's not quite mastered sketching properly, yet) although I had conniptions at him using a mattock with bare feet....!


  1. Have you "salted" the soil with puppy and budgie bones from the local Pet Cemetery? That could keep him occupied for quite a while.

  2. Using a mattock? I hope he's got a hard hat, otherwise the health and safety people will be down on him like a ton of bricks.

    And has he drawn up a scale diagram of the front yard yet? He needs to do that first so that he can place his trench on it accurately, just in case future archaeologists want to re-excavate your property.

    And I don't see any pegs. You've got to peg the trench out first, you know.

    Just keeping an eye on things. We run a tight ship at Wyre Archaeology. Bacon butties and coffee at eleven, twelve thirty and two o'clock in the afternoon, as per union regulations.

    Oh yes...and he should be wearing one of these, just to make it all official.

  3. LOL I'm looking forward to hearing about what he digs up.

  4. River, he's found enough bones from the butcher and blacksmith that used to use this property without me adding to them lol.

    It's the itty bitty strip of land in the middle of a concreted driveway, Brian, it's already pegged, plotted and sketched via the concrete...but I'll get him to draw a guide to it tomorrow ;)

    He's had a couple of finds so far, Marita, nothing exciting but Stuffs nonetheless ;)

  5. You are such a cool mum to let him dig up your driveway!

    Hope the dig goes well and there are no workplace accidents with the mattock!

  6. I hope he doesn't dig up an old family pet.

  7. Well, I don't have a car and the driveway is just sitting there, doing nothing at the moment, B... lol ;)

    Not there he won't, Amanda.
    Although he did dig up someone's large pet dog a few years ago on another dig in the backyard....

  8. Jayne,

    You can't include the actual concrete drive in the report...not unless you want to spend a fortune on postage sending it off to the county archaeologist (or whatever the australian equivalent is). A scale drawing is much cheaper.

  9. Awww, now you've gone and ruined all the fun I was going to have posting great lumps of concrete to some desk jockey, Brian :P

  10. Our house in Ararat is built on where the gold lead was - we dig up all kinds of good stuff.
    The old lady over the back discovered a mine shaft in her backyard (sounds kinda rude, right?)